Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Electric Meat Slicer

A loyal Disher with early gift-giving friends risks a friendship by asking the following:

I received an Waring Pro FS155 electric meat slicer as an early Christmas present and am considering returning it.  But first, I thought I’d check with the SideDishers to see if anyone has any good uses for it other than the obvious.  Is it worth keeping?


  • Bill

    This would be pretty low on my list of gadgets to acquire. It’s designed for volume slicing, and not knowing how much “big” entertaining you do makes it difficult to say. For the most part, if you have good slicing knife and decent knive skills, you will spend far less time hand slicing than lugging the slicer out (it’s too big to be displayed on most kitchen counter tops), cleaning it, sharpening it, etc. Also, most grocery stores don’t give you a discount for purchasing unsliced portions of deli meats/cheeses, etc. so why bother. If you don’t have one, a top of the line food processor would be a far more useful item.

  • twinwillow

    Open a deli. It’l come in real handy.

  • casey patrick

    very nicely put, bill. a good knife, cutting board, food processor, what else is there, besides a kitchen-aid mixer?

  • Peter Kurilecz

    i’ll take it