Somebody Help This Poor Boy: Best Peking Duck in Dallas

Family and friends are arriving in Dallas and challenging Disher to find the perfect place to “spend” their calories. Here’s a good one:

I was with some friends on Saturday who recently moved to the Southlake area and we discussed restaurants and one question they had was where to find good Peking Duck. I told them Steel very well might do a good job but wanted to get your take. They love Asian food and try to find new spots in the Richardson area when they are in that part of town.

Carol loves Mr. Wok. You?


  • Uppercase Matt

    I’ve had very good Peking Duck at Kirin Court.

  • A Drinker

    I’m a fan of the Peking duck at May Dragon in Addison. The skin is always perfectly crispy. Nice atmosphere and very congenial service as well.

  • runDMC

    JS Chen in Plano on Legacy. They also have a massive chili crab platter. OMG.

  • JohnyAlamo

    First Chinese; 111 S Greenville Ave in Richardson . They have ’em hanging in the window so you know they’re good.

  • Dii Tang

    Mr. Wok hands down!!!

    • twinwillow

      I’ve never had the Peking duck at Mr. Wok but, I’ve heard their Peking duck is excellent.

  • twinwillow

    The ducks hanging in the window at FCBBQ are not “Peking duck” but their regular roast duck. Which btw, I prefer to order dry rather than in sauce that makes the skin soggy and too salty.
    Genuine Peking duck however, is available at FCBBQ. But, It’s not on the table menu. It’s on the Chinese menus hanging on the walls. Just ask a server for it. They do it first class all the way. Delicious!
    Including, duck soup made from the from the bones and including the bones. Pancake buns, scallions, and Hoisan sauce. Not expensive, either!

  • twinwillow

    Actually, The very best Peking duck I’ve ever had in the DFW area was at Kang’s in Irving. The owner of Kang’s is the father of the man that owns Mr. Wok.

  • FoodJunkie

    I don’t think Steel has ever served Peking duck. Not the traditional kind, with buns, scallions, hoisin sauce and crispy skin. Maybe a bastardized fusion version.

  • RED360

    Mr. Wok – Hands down….