Restaurant Review: Rosemont in Deep Ellum

Rosemont’s black bean burger and oatmeal waffles. (Photography by Kevin Marple)

I’ve dined at Rosemont four or five times and it has never been crowded. I’d love to see this restaurant, and more like it, succeed in Deep Ellum. Go. Eat. Report.

Chef/owner Tracy Miller has spent the last nine years creating refined and stylish American food at Local, her dinner-only restaurant in the BoydHotel. At Rosemont, she offers the same sensibility for breakfast and lunch. If you hit the sophisticated white-on-white dining room early on a sunny morning, keep your sunglasses on, and order a strong cappuccino topped with frothy steamed milk and flecks of cinnamon as you take a seat because it could take awhile for a menu to arrive. The service at both breakfast and lunch is disorganized. Our dainty plate with a small (but filling) oatmeal waffle with mascarpone cream and figs arrived almost hot, but scrambled eggs topped with wilted spinach and cherry tomato sauce were hard and barely warm. The two gentlemen in expensive suits across from us were living it up.

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  • runDMC

    Love Local, always have, but Rosemont is a disaster. The menu is meh, with few bright spots, but service is awful and the whole experience disappointing. I once waited for 40 minutes for a simple breakfast dish when the place was 3/4 empty. Much shouting and clanging in the kitchen. Walked out never to return. 3 bad experiences in a row, the last 2 only because of my goodwill for Local. Tracy needs to get out of the Rosemont kitchen and let a fulltime chef take over. But it’s not her way. So it goes.

  • JSSS

    You’d love to see this restaurant succeed — why? Because the service is so poor? Because the portions are so small? Because the chef is more concerned with her telephone calls than preparing food for paying customers? Sounds to me like this should be a restaurant that should be avoided.

  • Beda

    I ate there once, when it first opened, and nothing about it impressed me enough to go back or to recommend it to others.

  • Paula Lambert

    I love Rosemont! I like it because it is quiet. And I like it because of its simple, uncomplicated decor. I love the light streaming into the space. And I like the food. I always have the sandwich/soup combo and it is the perfect lunch. Since opening, the service is faster and the portions are larger. So, please try Rosemont again!

  • tejasmom

    My experience was similar in many ways. We went very early on a Sunday morning and it was very quiet. The portions were small and when we decided to try the donuts, they obviously had to make them from scratch, it took so long.
    I would go back if the service was better. The other reviews are not encouraging.