Rats, Mango Thai on Lovers is Closed

Our resident food truckologist, George Lewis, was attempting to drive over 10 mph on Lovers Lane last night when he noticed the lights were out at Mango Thai. Their website and a sign on the door say they are looking for another location. George talked to a neighboring non-restaurant business and they told him Mango Thai closed two days ago when they could not reach agreement with the landlord on a new lease.

Oh, this makes me wonder.  Kathleen’s Sky Diner, a few doors down from Mango Thai, closed a little over two months ago . Several employees of Kathleen’s mentioned the huge rodent problem in the the buildings on the 4400 block of Lovers . So it seems likely that Mango Thai might have had a reason to move from Rat Row. Until they relocated, Mango Thai encouraged you to visit their mother ship, Chow Thai in Addison.


  • Prisna Virasin

    Nancy, we did not have a rat problem. We had a rent problem. I can assure you that any problem of that magnitude would have led us to vacate immediately. I wish you would have taken the time to do some investigation before putting this on the web. We enjoyed our customers and the supportive neighborhood. Please don’t damage our memories of Lovers Lane with these unfounded rumors.

    Mango Dallas