Chef Jason Hice Let Go From British Beverage Co., Now Working Across the Street at JoJo Eating House & Bar

Chef Jason Hice will no longer be wearing his BBC coat. (photo by Carol Shih)

I just got off the phone with Jason Hice, who was head cheffing at the British Beverage Company when it first opened on November 1. He sent me an email the other day, telling me he moved over to JoJo Eating House & Bar, which is right down the street from the new pub. Apparently, Hice has been a little too friendly with his neighbors.

“I made real good friends with Laurent,” says Hice. “He’s a true old-school chef.”

Hice has a background working in French cuisine, so he and Poupart, the owner of JoJo, hit it off. The ex-BBC chef used to walk across Routh and share his dishes with Poupart. “I think they got a little mad that I was coming over here [JoJo].”

The owners of BBC (there’s about 12 of them, Hice says) told Hice he was let go. (“The sous chef came over and was taking pictures while I was helping Laurent one day, and I think that’s what set them off.”) Hice told Poupart what happened, and the next day, Poupart called him to offer him a new job: the role of chef de cuisine at JoJo. He’s making the same amount he was before, and now he’s much happier.

The new JoJo employee can’t sing enough praises about Poupart. “It was a good move; it was going to happen…It’s a better kitchen and this guy [Poupart] gets the best ingredients possible. The techniques are really cool.”

SideDishers, this makes me wonder: How friendly can you be with your competition? Is sharing dishes with another restaurant a fireable offense?


  • Darren

    If you’re not sharing propriety information, its no different from using a cookbook.

  • JonC

    dear god, BBC is one of the most awful places in Dallas. Good for a beer and to ogle hot chicks maybe. But decent beer, cocktails and food, it is not. If this guy is a talented chef with ambition, I don’t fault him whatsoever.

  • Friend

    Jason Hice who?

  • Cracker

    Except he was doing much more than that. And he knows it. He was fired for offenses that not only go against company policy but state law.

  • Guest03

    Wow… Doesn’t speak to highly of this Chef if ALL 12 owners were willing to fire him !
    Looks like I won’t be eating at JoJo’s ever!