Finally! A Ramen Shop in Dallas! Joey and Chi Le Will Debut Tanoshi Ramen in 2013

David Chang eating ramen. What I’d like to be doing for the rest of my life. (via

After Eater Dallas posted this photo of a TABC application for Tanoshi Ramen, my mouth started to water. All my ramen dreams are coming true, after all.

Joey and Chi Le, the cute hubby-and-wife team behind Wicked Po’ Boys, have eaten their way around the world (notably Vietnam, Japan, and New York). They know their noodles. Now the Les have bravely decided to open a ramen shop in Deep Ellum, where the old Baker’s Ribs used to be. Tanoshi Ramen should be open by late February/early March 2013.

“Tanoshi” means “enjoyable” in Japanese. So, enjoyable ramen is exactly what these guys are after. Chi says, “I wanted it to mean something along the lines of pure joy.”

The menu will feature ramen, of course, and Vietnamese-inspired small plates. The Les are incorporating a lot of what they grew up eating at home into Tanoshi Ramen. “I know it’s a little bit of a mix,” says Chi,  “but I think it’ll touch everybody.” Bánh xèo (Vietnamese crepes) and pork belly buns will be on the small plates menu. As for vegetarian options, Chi and Joey have already put a lot of consideration into making Tanoshi enjoyable for their meatless guests. The pork belly buns will have a vegan option, and the soup-based ramens will have a veggie option as well. No vegan/vegetarian will be left behind.

It’s a lot of pressure for Chi and Joey to bring good ramen to Dallas, but I’m rooting for them. Dallas needs Asian street food – the kind you find on a random dirt road in the middle of nowhere, Taiwan. But maybe I’m hoping for too much, too fast. We’ll see how Tanoshi Ramen turns out.


  • Twinwillow

    Mmmm. And close to me, too. I may have to be first on line.

    • Carol Shih

      Good luck beating me to it.

  • StacyLynch71

    Thank goodness. It was getting really expensive to fly somewhere for good ramen. 🙂

  • Wayne Conrad

    Oh man I hope they keep some late hours!

  • Primi timpano

    Will they make their own noodles?

  • meanrice

    Ijust thinking about this put me in my happy place.

  • Anonymous

    Went last night. I get ramen is good especially when you have had street ramen in Japan with broth that is seemingly from the heavens and blown in by the divine winds. But not sure it is something we need to go goo-goo over. There are a lot of good noodle soups in Dallas. Hits and misses and that is what you might expect on first night so this may not mean much. Great dumplings and pork sliders,(bun), to die for, Soup is hit and miss. The noodles are fantastic, the pork belly is as good as anything ever to enter the o’l pie hole. Broth seemed a little off but not being all things ramen maybe that is the desired result and I just don’t get it. Seemed a little acrid and bitter to me. Not what I have experienced before where you want to pick up the bowl and gulp the broth by mouth. On the first night the place is packed with tables turning over all night. We are talking slammed. The service was simply amazing, thoughtful in every way and well organized. The lady running it is a true pro. They are lucky to have her. The decore and the area makes you think you are in a little spot in Roppongi. All in all a great addition to Dallas ethnic resto choices.