D Moms: How to Raise a Foodie in Dallas

If you haven’t picked up a copy of D Moms yet, we need to talk. Editor Joslyn Taylor has done an amazing job with the premiere issue, and it’s pretty darn chic. I don’t plan on raising children for another ten years, but D Moms still appeals to me, a non-mother. It’s for anyone who loves food, design, and other beautiful things that make this world go ’round. When Joslyn commissioned me to write an article on how to get kids excited about good food, I happily complied. Winter break is on the horizon, so some of you mommies out there can use some of these ideas to keep your little ones occupied.

— Step No. 1 —
Hit the Coppell Farmers Market on a Saturday. 

Buying local is a great way to meet the people who actually grow and produce the food we eat (good for modern kids to know: food doesn’t just magically appear at Tom Thumb). Chat up the easy-going folks at Rehoboth Ranch and take home some of Robert Hutchins’ all natural, antibiotic-free chicken. Chick-Fil-A will never taste the same again.

793 S. Coppell Rd., Coppell. 972-304-7043. coppellfarmersmarket.com. Open each Saturday, 8 a.m.–noon. Schedule changes during the winter.

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  • Jon Alexis

    Our notes on TJ’s Kids Menu

    Introducing Your Kids To Fresh Seafood

    If kids get fried chicken fingers every time you eat fresh fish, how will they get comfortable with fresh fish? Your family, kids too, should eat 2-3 servings per week.

    At home, incorporating seafood into meals kids already like: Make taco night “Fish Taco Night”…Teriyaki Salmon with Rice on “Asian Night”…Add shrimp or crab to their spaghetti…
    the more variety you give, the more fish they’ll eat!