Centennial in Big Trouble: Huge 3-Day Booze Sale

Bradford Pearson and I have been following the long, slow demise of Centennial Beverage Group. The company which operates Big Daddy’s, Majestic Beer and Wine, and Fat Dog Beer and wine was smacked with a $4,756,702 tax lien last April and they have appeared on the dreaded TABC Delinquent List too many times to count. They started closing stores in November and I’ve heard from several readers who reported the shelves in most of the Centennial stores are bare.

This morning comes an email from Centennial spokesman Tony Miller:

Warehouse Moving Sale – 2 Days Only

We are moving warehouses and marking everything down for liquidation. We would like you to receive the discount, rather than us move it. Get up to 50% off all spirits, beer and wine. Case quantities, craft beers, Bordeaux’s – do a little treasure hunting.This Friday and Saturday Only, December 14th and 15th, 10am to 6pm,10410 Finnell Street, Dallas TX 75220.

Chain-wide Inventory Reduction Sale – 3 Days Only

If you don’t find what you are looking for in our warehouse, visit any of our Centennial, Big Daddy’s or Majestic locations for up to 50% off everything in the store. This sale begins Thursday, December 13th and ends Saturday, December 15th. Our store hours are 10am to 9pm.

Is “moving warehouses” code for closing? I don’t know but what a great deal for those of us throwing Christmas parties.


  • Yeah Right

    Ask most of his employees and I’ll bet they would tell you not to believe a single word coming out of that man’s mouth. Why do stores have going out of business signs on them? Take a look at how many stores they have already closed in the past month. Take a look at how much money they owe to the liquor wholesalers. Look how much money they owe to the state in taxes.

  • DJZ

    “Up TO” %50….

    Yea…Nothing to see here folks, last ditch effort to price gouge.

  • Ducky

    Some things are actually more than 50% off… My trip was very successful.

  • Margaret Harder

    All picked over and nothing good left. 🙁

  • Kevin

    It is deplorable what these people from the oil patch have done to this company! Many , many good people have lost their jobs simply because some people from the oil industry thought they could get into the liquor business and make a fortune. From day one the “know it all’s” thought they could build a better mouse trap. Now look what you have done: hundreds of employees out of work, salesmen and suppliers out of work. Way to go management. You hit mother lode alright!