2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Celebrate With Jams and Pickles Made in DFW


Every year on SideDish, we like to devote our energy to supporting small local food businesses here in DFW. For the twelve days, we’ll be highlighting jams, jellies, pies, classes, wines, coffees, teas, and basically any food product made locally on Dallas (or close to it) soil. Today is Everything-That-Comes-In-A-Jar Day. If you’ve got a product that you want included, send me an email with your information and a picture. This list will often be updated, so don’t fret about deadlines. We’re here to serve you guys.

from JJ&B

JJ&B by Kathy Neumuller

If you haven’t tried Kathy’s jellies, jams, and butters, your life is incomplete. I say this with perfect seriousness. My favorite is the toasted pecan pepper jam. You should get that one.

Kathy has a little reminder for you guys: “In addition to individual jars of jam and gift packs (3 jars, any mix of flavors, for $25), we have a gift crate which sells for $35 (photo attached), and we do custom gift baskets (a sample photo attached – contents vary by order).”

In a Pickle Foods

James and Karen Felps have a few pickly words for you. Hit it, Felps:

“What’s an enlightened moment? We call it an intuitive grasp of reality achieved by something simple and fresh that causes great pleasure. in a pickle foods provides enlightened moments with each jar of our handcrafted goodness; from our incredibly crunchy bread and butter chunks to our freshest seasonal fruit preserves and jams: We take pride in bringing you nature’s best flavors; small batches, handmade in Fort Worth, Texas, and whenever possible with produce that is locally and sustainably grown.

There’s something sublime about providing our customers with a pleasurable experience and when you’re in a pickle an enlightening moment is just a jar away…

From our signature Sweet and Spicy Pickle Chips to our seasonal, small batch jams and preserves… just one taste and you’ll find out what we already know… Life’s greatest moments start in a pickle.

We’ve been in business since May of 2010…starting with our signature pickle chips. We now offer seasonal batches of jams and preserves as well!”

(You find find these pickles at Bolsa Mercado, Empire Baking Celebration Market, Jimmy’s Food Store, St. Michael’s Womens Exchange, and the Coffee Company on La Vista.)

Conscious Choice Foods

Harold Calloway thinks he has the best local pickles in town. He writes, “We will ship our gift pack anywhere in the US for $25.00. If someone wants to come to our warehouse at 1015 S. Harwood, across from Dallas Farmers Market, and pick them up, the cost is $15.00. Each gift oack contains 1 Frances Cowley Cellar Style Dill, 1 Harold’s Texicun Gormay Habanero Dill, and 1 Harold’s Sissy Sweet.” Apparently his pickles have a little heat to them.

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