What To Do With Thanksgiving Leftovers

Cranberry sauce and multigrain pancakes (photo by Carol Shih)

For some reason, Thanksgiving food always tastes better after Thanksgiving Day. It just does. Every year, I look forward to the turkey rice noodle soup we make after my family completely shreds the poor bird. My mom makes turkey stock from the bones in a ginormous pot, and after it cooks long enough, we add rice noodles and zha cai (Chinese pickled vegetables) to the floating pieces of shredded turkey. I swear on my dog’s grave that this easy-to-make soup is the best dish in the world. (Plus, it requires few ingredients and little muscle work.) Christmas season just isn’t the same unless it starts off with a bowl of honest turkey noodle soup.

If you’re looking for ways to get rid of your extra homemade cranberry sauce, I’ve recently discovered that it pairs amazingly well with multigrain pancakes. Try it. There’s no need for maple syrup, either.

For more quick ways to get rid of leftovers, visit this New York Times article. They call it a “radical rethinking.” I call it a way of life. For those of you with creative Thanksgiving leftover recipes, post them down below. Sharing is caring, right?


  • tejasmom

    It’s called turkey hash.

  • Sabrina Liao

    Hehe, that sandwich looks familiar