Top Chef Season 10: Seattle, Episode 2 Recap

BRAVO really needs to consider renaming this episode. Top Chef: Seattle is starting to become The John Tesar Show. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. Tesar makes for excellent television. Hopefully, Tesar will keep calling himself “the most hated chef in Dallas” in the rest of the episodes, just to keep the trend going. (“Let’s make him a shirt or something,” said Desiree, my gchat partner last night.) If we do, Des, he’s going to wear that shirt every single day. And it’ll smell like fish.


The 15 contestants are finally in Seattle, and Tesar’s glasses are back on his forehead, right where they belong. All is right in Tesar Land. But, wait, why is Padma with three old Top Chef alums (Josie from Season 2, CJ from Season 3, and Stefan from Season 5)? These oldies are going to judge the newbies, who’ve split up into five groups of three. Tesar, the smartypants, pairs up with the AZNs: Quiet Asian (Kuniko) and Maui Asian (Simeon). He assumes Quiet Asian, because she is Japanese, has good knife skills. Lucky for John, stereotyping works in his favor. The three of them make sweet music together and create a geoduck sashimi with ponzu, apple, and cucumber. Meanwhile, the all ladies group (Lizzie, Carla, and Chrissy) are yackin’ each other’s ears off. Crazy Italian Carla, who shall henceforth be known as “Big MAMA,” needs go back to the Real Housewives of Italy. Desiree is not a fan.

Jump for the party.

The blue team wows the judges’ pants off, and JTesar wins immunity. A goofy smile is plastered all over his face. Two seconds later, I swear his lips quiver when Padma tells the contestants that the three alums are going to join the fray and compete alongside them. Josh Valentine unleashes his anger. “None of them were able to seal the deal. I hate them all.” Ouch, watch that fire, Josh.


The 18 contestants are now inside the Seattle Space Needle, which Desiree observes is “just like our Reunion Tower.” The teams have to make a dish using regional ingredients for the judges and legendary chef Tom Douglas in the time it takes for the Space Needle to go around once.

The blue team kicks sass again, even though Kuniko burns the first batch of chili oil. Her chili oil-poached cod makes her the winner of episode 2, despite Simeon’s fine dashi and Tesar nailing those vegetables.  Red team (or “Team Failure,” as Desiree likes to call them) tried to make a roasted quail with confit spot prawn, but Stefan the Scary One failed. “It’s the only breast I’m going to be touching in six weeks,” he said. If that’s the case, Stefan, why’d you overcook them? Gray team also ends up in the bottom two with the red team, but cute Jeffrey gets the boot. Now he has to go and tell his fiancé why he’s back so early.

Des and I are sad. I was just about about to become a Jeffrey Jew fan until they kicked him off.


Best line(s): “When I’m cooking, I like to look good.” “I want to be a James Beard, and I want to have a nice ass.” -Carla

Best red hat: Maui Asian (Simeon)’s. Desiree says it looks like the ones from The Life Aquatic.

Biggest attention hogger: JTesar all the way.


  • Me2

    Guess Tesar is forcing the camera man to put the camera on him…., or maybe he makes good tv,

  • Maria Whiteside Mejia

    Tesar rocked it as he is rocking every night at Spoon!

  • Roy

    Wait till Josh gives Tesar his comeuppance!

  • Camilla

    I think a lot of people had their #TeamJeffreyJew shirts already made after the first episode of ‘Top Chef’ aired. I was hoping he’d make it further, but Kuniko is slowly becoming my favorite. Unfortunately, I’m going to miss the rest of Top Chef when it airs because I have a new work schedule at DISH. I think this is going to be a long season, so I set my DISH Hopper to record it, there is over 2,000 hours of recording space this way I won’t miss any upcoming episodes. I think if the show is going to bring contestants back it should be more recent ones so we don’t have to figure out who they are.

    • BradfordPearson

      Camilla, DISH Network’s favorite employee.

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  • MoHub

    Oh, there’s a boatload of them now—and DirecTV has gotten into the act as well. Unfortunately, only a few message boards have Report options.

  • MoHub

    The “Maui Asian” is Sheldon, not Simeon.