The Refrigerator Challenge: Top Chef Season 10 Contestant John Tesar

Whoa! Call a body language expert! Tesar is trying to tell us something!

The premiere of Top Chef’s tenth season airs Wednesday night on Bravo at 9PM. Dallas has three (out of 21) contestants on the show: Danyele McPherson (The Grape), John Tesar (Spoon), and Joshua Valentine (FT 33).

I’ve asked all three chefs to send me photos of their refrigerators and answer a questionnaire about their food-storing habits. Yesterday, Danyele McPherson filed her report. Today, John Tesar took time from his busy 48/7-schedule to provide a brief look into his unique fridge. Tesar’s new restaurant, Spoon Bar & Kitchen is opening in a few days.

Jump for the joy of John. He must have zucchini, Champagne, and baby toys.

John Tesar is a minimalist when it comes to food storage.

SD: What is the oldest item in your refrigerator at this moment?

JT: Italian tuna roe.

SD: What ingredient do you always have to have in your home refrigerator?

JT: ZeroWater.

SD: How old is your home refrigerator?

JT: I’m guessing about 3 or 4 years old.

SD:  Is there an ingredient you always buy and never use?

JT: Butter. I cook with it, but personally, I don’t eat much of it.

SD: What does your home refrigerator say about your personality?

JT: It says that I’m not home much. It’s all about my son and my wife.

SD: If you win Top Chef, will you buy a new refrigerator, lawn mower, or boat? If none of these, then name your first acquisition.

JT: I would take a bunch of my good friends out for a nice dinner so we could have a good laugh.

SD: How about your freezer? What do you have hidden in there?

JT: Ice cream, tomato water, ice cubes, meatballs, and homemade cinnamon buns—my wife loves those.

SD: What kind of beer are we likely to find in your home fridge?

JT: Dos Equis, Heineken, and Estrella Damm.

SD:  How about wine? What is your go-to white wine?

JT: Any good white burgundy.

SD: What items rot most frequently in your home fridge?

JT: Zucchini and cucumber.


  • Carol Shih

    I would like to see this Italian tuna roe.

  • MrsT

    What a glorious shot of a refrigerator. Mrs Tesar is a lucky lady.