Must Read:The New York Times Slams Guy Fieri’s New Restaurant

This New York Times article has exploded all over Twitter already, but I just wanted to make sure all you guys were keeping up with current (yet will-be-classic) reading literature. Pete Wells, the food critic, rants about Guy’s American Kitchen and  Bar in Times Square for two whole pages like, as my friend says, “a witchy eighth grader.” Clearly, he belongs in the same Fieri-hating camp as Anthony Bourdain.


  • Amy S

    Guy was “exclusively” on the Today show this morning defending his restaurant.

  • Carol Shih

    I’m confused. He told Savannah Guthrie he wasn’t expecting to knock people’s socks off after two months. Then why did he open a restaurant in the first place?

  • Me2

    A 500 seat restaurant in Times Square does several thousands covers daily, which is very wearing on the restaurant and staff. If you don’t stay in front of the moving train, sometimes you can never catch up. 250 employees might loose their jobs because a food critic thinks his comments are witty and all knowing. I say, put the food critic in the prep station for a week and see how he fares.

    • JR2

      that is a very short sighted way of looking at it. He is a food critic doing his job. If the restaurant is bad, then it’s his job to let his readers know about it.

      If a car magazine or consumer reports didn’t report a car safety issue because they are worried the overworked plant workers are going to lose their job, then the reviewer is not doing his job.

  • Me2

    We are talking about sauce on a sandwich, not safety issues on a car. Restaurants in Times Square are not normal restaurants, due to the unbelievable volume. Mis-steps will happen, especially in the first 2 months of opening. That is why most restaurants ask for 2 months before a critic comes in, Times Square needs more. This guy came in 4 times in the first 2 months. The review was ridiculous and mean spirited.

  • BDM

    For me, its almost cliche to bash GF at this point. Would I want to eat at one of his restaurants? No…that’s not really my type of place, especially if I was traveling on vacation, but clearly lots of people would like to eat there.

    That being said…GF is what he is at this point (and we all know it). When I read the review, it came across as elitist and snobby, which seems to be somewhat in vogue with a lot of “foodies”. It feels a little tiresome and unoriginal to keep piling on, but I guess thats just my 2 cents.

    He appeals to the masses and a lot of people clearly enjoy watching his show and will probably want to eat at his restaurant because they care more about his personality than the food. His food should probably be more aptly compared to a TGIF Fridays and shouldn’t even warrant a NY Times review. If he can make a better TGIF Fridays, then he has probably accomplished his “goal”. I haven’t been to a TGIF Fridays in 20 years, but it clearly has its place in this country for a lot of people.

  • Me2


  • JR2

    when you charged $23 for a chicken alfredo, you’re not a TGIF and thus will be held in a higher standard.

  • ScallywagNYC

    Or maybe there’s the other theory that instead of our hero Guy being used by the NYT’s food critic to establish his name (as if) Guy himself used the browbeating of a NYT’s food critic to resurrect himself?