Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Thanksgiving Day Brunch Without Thanksgiving Day Food

Drop kick me Jesus through the goal pole of life. (Illustration by Mark A. Hicks)

We try to answer your questions before you ask them, but this high-maintenance Disher wants more than Carol can give her—a list of all of the restaurants and take-out options for Thanksgiving Day dining. Natch football is involved in her complicated scenario. Read on and rant:

We are headed to a football game on Thanksgiving Day (not the Cowboys- University of Texas).  So we will be looking for a restaurant open for brunch off the regular that day.  I am assuming a few spots will be open?  I know you always get a list of places open for dinner, but could you also ask who might be open for brunch from 8AM to 11AM? I just thought there are people like us going to football games who don’t want turkey for breakfast /brunch 🙂

I’m too crabby today to tell her where I’d like her to go. So perhaps you can be of assistance.