Rodeo Goat Ice House Opens in Fort Worth

Here’s another reason to venture out to Fort Worth: Rodeo Goat Ice House.

Sam Wynne (whose father, Shannon Wynne, is behind the Lark on the Park) is the owner of this casual gourmet burgers-and-cold beer joint at 2836 Bledsoe Street, near Fort Worth’s Cultural District. It’s apparently “not upscale, not pretentious, no cute food.”

Good. Because we’re tired of cute food over here, and we’re glad mini Wynne is putting his feet down.“There really isn’t anything like Rodeo Goat in the Metroplex. We’re serving more than a dozen different gourmet burgers, and our beef is ground in-house daily, which makes for a really fresh and organic taste.”

Take a look at this be-moo-tiful menu.