Remembering Dallas Restaurants: Jamie’s Gourmet Burgers

In June, 2010, I wrote a blog post called Remembering Dallas Restaurants: How Far Back Do You Go. There were over 100 comments and reading them is a real trip down memory lane for those of us who have been around here for a long (really long) time. This morning comes an email from a reader. She’s jonsing for Jamie’s. Remember Jamie’s Gourmet Burgers on Lemon Avenue. One reader swears it was on Inwood but I remember it being behind Esquire Theater on Oak Lawn. They served stuffed burgers, curly fries, and baked beans. THE BEST thing about Jamie’s? The centerpiece was a flag and you raised it when you wanted a server. I can’t believe nobody else has ever done that. It’s brilliant. Anyway, back to my original point. Reader asks all you geezers out there to stretch your brains back to mid-70s.

 Nancy, Years ago there was a Jaimie’s (Jamie’s sp.?) restaurant on Lemon Ave.  They were known for their stuffed burgers.  One was with walnuts. Is there any way I can find this recipe? Or anything you know of that ?

Anybody else got a recipe request or story to tell?


  • Amy S
  • deweast

    Jamie’s was located in an old two story house on the west side of Lemon just north of Oak Lawn.

    • Dubious Brother

      I would say on the South side of Lemon Avenue just West of Oak Lawn but I do remember the two story house, the curly fries and the burgers but not a specific burger.

  • Charm Offensive

    Aside: Why is everyone misspelling “Lemon” Avenue?

  • Drew

    Pancho’s Mexican Buffet does the flag thing I think. I’ve never been, but the 90’s TV spots I remember from growing up in Tyler are seared into my brain (“Raise the flag! Raise the flag!”).

  • Rodney Haas

    I remember Jamie’s well they had a restaurant on Lemon and another one in Medallion center. Not only did they have great burgers, but also had killer beans. They used to serve beans and chips. You could order curly fries. They were also one of the few burger joints that did a steak tartare. They would likely be top of the heap of they were around today.

  • Deweast

    We are talking about the same old house. Lemmon doesn’t run exactly east/west or north/south. The description given as north of Oak Lawn and west of Lemmon assumes Lemmon runs north/south–your placement assumes Lemmon runs east/west…you can make a case for either layout, but it is the same house.

  • Peter

    Burgers? I am thinking more like Rosie’s on Greenville Ave. I must say the best burgers Dallas has ever had! I think they were open for over 60 years.

  • Wayne Bishop

    The beans were like “Ranch Style” served hot in a small bowle/pot with tortilla chips for dipping. Very good.

  • Wayne Bishop

    Pancho’s still has the flags on the tables. Just harder to find the Pancho’s restaurants.

  • Connie

    For years I’ve thought about those burgers. I went to the one in Medallion Center. The hickory burger was my favorite. Why did restaurants like Jamie’s fail???

    • Gabe

      Connie, try the amazing wood grilled burger at Neighborhood Services in Preston Royal, with toasted sesame bun, fresh fries are sooo good.

  • The Janitor

    As I recall, it was a white table cloth operation with chargers (possibly copper) set at each place setting when you were seated. It was the most expensive burger outside of NYC at the time ($10.00). The food was great, but outside a janitor’s budget.

  • cjw

    I was actually one Lemmon – the building is still standing

  • Gabe

    The BEST burger in Dallas ever, is Neighborhood Services in Preston Royal, it puts Jamie’s to shame. It is wood grilled for great flavor, with a homemade toasted sesame bun, fresh cut fries, not frozen………it is amazing.

  • MikeK

    I seem to remember a Jamie’s at Northpark three or four doors down from the Orange Julius in the early 1970’s. My jonesing place is/was Crazy Crab on Oak Lawn.

  • Suzy

    There was a Jaime’s at northpark & I recall the coppper chargers & raising the flag to order…what memories 🙂 Does anyone remember The Filing Station on Greenville Ave.? They had great burgers too!

  • jeff

    Mid 70’s? How about late 60’s? I remember Jamie’s and the little flag on the table – a Texas flag I think.

  • Donna Lindquist

    What would make a roll have the inside consistancy of stretchy egg? We used to get these rolls at a restraunt called Jamie’s near Dallas’s White Rock Lake.
    We loved them. The place is now closed and I have not been able to find the name of these terrificly soft and stretchy rolls. I would like to buy them or learn to make them but I have not been able to find the names.

  • Mike

    I don’t remember Jamie’s having baked beans, rather a barbecued type of beans much like, if not in reality Ranch Style Beans.

  • Mike

    They also had a location in Six Flags Mall, it’s the only one I personally knew of.

  • Texsheva

    The Jamie’s I remember was on Northwest Hwy! And they didn’t have ‘baked beans’ they had chili beans. I still remember the flags and the delicious burgers! Ahhhh…memories!

    • Texsheva

      Saw another comment about the beans….and yes, they were more like the Ranch Style beans….here in VA where I live now,people call them chili beans.

  • Bug

    We lived in the Sirocco Apartments at Bowser Ave and Mahanna Street (just off Lemon) in the early ’70s. Jamie’s, just down Lemon Ave, was one of our favorite eateries. You could have a burger anyway you wanted, including raw meat and onions. And they served on copper plates. Those bowls of chili beans and chips were GREAT.

  • Bug

    And, downtown there was Ander’s Food Market (around Pearl and San Jancinto Streets) They served the BEST chicken fried steak sandwich’s from their deli. White bread, mayo, lettuce and tomato with a big slab of fresh fried steak … $1. Those were the days.

  • James Huggins

    Jamie’s in Dallas served a green salad like side dish with their burgers. Does anyone know the recipe?

  • Karen Johnson Gray

    I loved Jami’s burgers, I always had to half home. But the last time we were headed there before it burned, we were on 35 and all of a sudden there was no one on the freeway and there was a cop in the middle of the freeway run over. I am a policeman’s sister and my heart went to my stomach. It was not him but we found out he had been a ht and run aND HE DIED IN HIS WIFE’S ARMS AT pARKLAND, SHE WAS THE FIRST NURSE ON THE SPOT WHEN HE CAME IN AND SHE HAD NO IDEA! WHOOPS CAPS. We amde sure someone was coming and then got out of the way and went on to the restaurant. Never will forget that nor Jamie’s.

  • Jw Ney

    Jamie’s also had a restaurant in North Park, my favorite was the pizza burger. The beans were exceptional.