It’s Time to Rethink Salads in Dallas: 86 the Caesar

The clean green salad at Dish.

I know it’s the time of the year we are to be thankful for the bounty of food available to us. But I would be more than thankful if menu creators would do just that–create some interesting salads. Does every restaurant have to serve a Caesar salad? What is it you all love about Caesar salads? And blue cheese? I’m sick of it. The other night I tried this lovely Clean Green Salad at Dish. Instead of a pasty, cheesy dressing, the butter and endive lettuces were oh-so-lightly tossed in a white balsamic vinaigrette and topped with aged cheddar, thin slices of green apple, and shaved onion. Thank you chef Garreth Dickey. Anyone else have a chef to thank for a great salad?


  • Todd Johnson

    Though if you’re going to serve a Caesar, do it like the one at Oak. The addition of mint really livens it up.

  • Lauren Medoff

    The ANDI salad by Chef Stark of Sundown. Majorly chopped kale, avocado-agave dressing, dried apricots, cranberries/cherries? and cinnamon roasted pecans. Incredibly filling even if you order the half. God, I love that man. I have to say that his Kale Caesar Flatbread with sundried tomatoes and shaved Parmesan and is perfect update on the caesar salad.

  • twinwillow

    Please! Do not 86 the great Caesar salad at Hattie’s! its my favorite app before my shrimp ‘n grits.

  • Rodney Haas

    Sorry but Caesar salad has a place. The problem is that we are all used to “blender” Caesar and not the real thing. The real dressing is light and flavorful. The blender version is really an aioli not really Caesar as such.

  • Marc

    I love Square Burger in McKinney’s salads, Panko fried goat cheese rounds with a salad of watercress, arugula, shaved fennel, roasted baby beets, mixed citrus segments and a citrus vinaigrette and theirhouse salad with mixed baby greens, endive, candied cashews, marinated grape tomatoes
    julienne fuji apples and lemon herb vinaigrette

  • Gene

    Who cares what you like? I have a distinct dislike for Indian food … so should I write and article suggesting that all restaurants that serve Indian food should change to Italian? The goal for every restaurant and every kitchen staff is to serve what the customer wants. If you don’t … you go out of business!