Hostess is Closed, and Bradford Pearson is Wrong. Twinkies Were the Best Hostess Product.

Usually Bradford nails his posts on Frontburner, but his ranking system for best Hostess products is completely out of order. I get it; he’s honoring Hostess products now that the company is shutting down after the union strike, but why in the world are fake orangey cupcakes his favorite Hostess snack? Twinkies are classic. Twinkies have books written about them. If there is ever a nuclear war, Twinkies are the snack you’d stuff into your survival bag and eat with the stub of your leftover right hand.


  • BradfordPearson

    Note that Carol never — not once — mentions Twinkies’ taste.

  • sliao

    My favorite is probably the hostess chocolate cupcake…rip

  • mike Lovell

    Chocolate Zingers are awsome. They are the ruin of my legendary abs.