Giveaway: 4 Pairs of Tickets to Deep Ellum Brewing Co.’s First Anniversary Blowout

The ninjas over at Deep Ellum Brewing Co. have been making some amazing beer since the brewery launched in November of last year. For the DEBC’s first birthday, there’s going to be a huge birthday bash for friends and family on Saturday, November 17 from noon to 3 p.m.. Tickets are now sold out. However, we’re giving you the chance to attend this anniversary celebration. Yes, there will be beer. And, yes, there will be food trucks and live music. Cody Foote and The O’s are playing on the stage, and you can taste DEBC’s newest beer, Pollenator, at what DEBC calls “an historic event.” To see the rest of the beer list, go here.

So, how do you win one of these four pairs of tickets? Leave a comment below. Tell us what your favorite DEBC beer is, and maybe, if you’re really desperate to go, why you love DEBC. We’ll pick four winners from the pile on Thursday at 12 p.m.


  • ames hutton

    My favorite was the Cherry Chocolate Double Brown Stout. Much more chocolate than cherry, to my delight. Of course it was limited. Second favorite: Darkest Hour. It too is gone. My day-to-day favorite is the Deep Ellum IPA. It makes me hoppy. (yikes, sorry for the bad pun)

  • James F.

    Unfortunately the only DEBC beer I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying is the IPA but it is a deliciously hoppy IPA. I have been wanting to try more so this would be a great chance to do so.

  • Margaret Harder

    I like the IPA– but am eager to try the Dallas Blonde.

    I also love that this a great venue to mix Dallas Brewing with Great Live Music, and some local food truck. I had a blast one Thursday this summer when they did this— you almost did not notice the 100 degree temps. Almost.

  • Ryan Jacks

    Hands down favorite is Dreamcrusher. The rye really helps the malt stand out in this outragoues IIPA along with the fresh hop flavor it can’t be beat!! Right behind would be Rocktoberfest which is my new go to Oktoberfest seasonal from this year on!. Deep Ellum is soon going to be a serious contender in the Texas and hopefuly to follow National markets!!

  • Jason Huedepohl

    As a new transplant to Dallas I have only been able to try the IPA but I look forward to trying many more and hopefully, with a little luck, bringing my “Dallas Blonde” to the event with me. Moving from Minneapolis and having my easy access to Surly taken away I am looking for DEBC to fill that void.

  • Derek Beaton

    DEBC’s IPA is one of the most well rounded IPAs I’ve had. Especially considering that the dudes at DEBC managed to tame, and highlight, a notoriously difficult hop: Citra.

  • Jimmy Tigue

    My favorite DEBC is definitely Deep Ellum IPA. I love to support local business and this beer allows me to support on a regular basis. I love DEBC because they put out quality products and bring new beers to us with some regualrity, keeping things interesting. I like Hopseeker too but can’t always get it on the regular. Hope to see you all Saturday!

  • Ryan C.

    I have had every Deep Ellum beer except the Dreamcrusher (I want to try it along with the new Pollenator)! I love the Rye Pills and the IPA.. The Blonde is great too. I attended the first few brewery tours and have watched them explode into what they are today. I really want to make this event this weekend and am mad I dropped the ball on the ticket situation. Hopefully I will see everyone there Saturday!!!

  • Derek Beaton

    I also just really love The O’s. Nothing beats putting DEBC and The O’s together.

  • Francheska Polanco

    DEBC is the first one on my list of favorite breweries. I went to the second tour and since that ,it has been dear to my heart. My gavorites are chocolate brown stout, the IPA Dreamcrusher.
    I really wish i could go because its my birthday and i didnt got the chance to purchase them on time!

  • Susan E

    I love the Deep Ellum IPA the most!

  • Drew Campbell

    Deep Ellum IPA is the first IPA that my wife loved. We grew up in Mesquite, and our reception was down the street on Commerce last year.

    We’ve been meaning to go to the brewery since it opened, but never found the time…Now we’re both on assignment in Houston and don’t have many opportunities, except when we’ll both be in town for Thanksgiving and I would love to surprise her and our friends with going to the anniversary party!

  • Nick Russo

    My favorite Deep Ellum brew is probably the IPA, and this is coming from someone that is not typically a fan of IPAs.

    The reason I love Deep Ellum Brewery is that it seems like they’ve provided the spark to the fire that was lit under a culture in Dallas that has been much needed. The craft brewery business is BOOMING in Dallas right now, and it seems like DEBC has been one of the main players leading the pack. Their events bring people to an area of town that has been shunned over the recent years, only because people think it’s not safe, or dirty. Keep up the great work DEBC!

  • Kelly Saunders

    my favorite DEBC beer is their Darkest Hour. So rich and thick that it keeps you so warm and fuzzy inside! But since that was a limited beer, my second favorite will always be Double Brown Stout,a good hearty dark beer.

  • Brandi Roa

    My fav beer there is the Rye Pils. I respect this brewery for being the first to jump out there in Dallas. I went to one of the very first tours but haven’t made it back. I’d love to see how things have changed!

  • Dick

    My favorite has to the IPA…however..2 glasses of wealth and Taste at company cafe for brunch once lead to a very fuzzy but enjoyable afternoon! I like DEBC SO much I applied to work there with the hopes of having access to that deliciousness on a reg basis. I also spent a full morning (at work) writing what I thought was the best cover letter ever. Check your records! Thanks and would love to go on Saturday!

  • Jenny Rieck

    Festivus is my favorite DEBC beer.. and the O’s are my favorite Dallas duo! I’d love to go to the birthday bash–those special firkins sound super tasty.

  • Ms. Kim

    I enjoy the Blonde, Farmhouse and the IPA (and if you add a splash of stout it is ok by me!) I LOVE all the glasses… We have so many we are giving them as christmas gifts with a bottle or two of DEB!!

  • Alex N.

    Fell in love with Wealth and Taste after Untapped Fest. Before trying that one, IPA was at the top of my list. Going to this blowout would be a great way to introduce my dad to this fine brewery.

  • Ames_Mac

    My favorite is the Dallas Blonde, because who doesn’t love an ode to the city in the form of an alcoholic beverage? My first DEBC love was the Backslider Blonde that they don’t have anymore, but Dallas Blonde will suffice. I love them all though! Keep it local, yall!

  • robpjordan

    My favorite by far is the Dreamcrusher IPA. I was sad that it’s so hard to find and heard a rumor that it may have been made by mistake (just like me!). So that’s my favorite beer. I want to go Saturday because a lot of my buddies are going and I spaced on tickets before it was too late! I’m sure it’ll be awesome.

  • Brian Price

    I’m in absolute love with their IPA. It’s the JAM.

  • Jim B

    Rye Pils. Light. Refreshing. Spicy rye notes. Great refreshing beer…and now I can enjoy it in a bottle, at home. DEBC gets our love for being a forward thinking, local, and creative brewery, that steps outside its comfort zone just enough to give us unique and well-crafted beers. They are our favorite local brewery and we were very disappointed that we missed out on a chance to buy tickets for the anniversary party.

  • R-G

    Growlers of Wealth and Taste made trips with me to Austin and Houston to announce to my friends there that the Dallas brewing scene had arrived.

  • Nick Denman

    wealth and taste bby.

  • Nick Denman

    wealth and taste bby.


  • Nick Denman

    I really want to introduce my special lady-friend from Italy to the stuff, but it is sold out. Make my dreams come true!

  • Carol Shih

    Hm. You do have a compelling argument.

  • Brandon B

    My favorite has been the IPA. Sometimes, you just can’t be a classic craft beer, and that’s what the IPA is to me after moving from the Northeast to Dallas.

  • Emily Taylor

    I second that.

  • Betsy Orton

    Love the Double Brown Stout! And why we love DEBC? Because they’re awesome. Yep, that’s the final answer. Oh, and the fact they’re freaking cool and nice guys to hang out with and enjoy a beer with and they make amazing beer. Drink Local!

  • @XinaMartin

    Rocktoberfest at the 2012 Great American Beer Festival, but it was really late in the festival and I’m not sure I remembered my own name by then, so I’d like a change to “re-try” it!

  • Josh

    My favorite is the IPA — loves those hops! I would love go and try the IPA cask they’ll have at the event, and the new Pollenator! Drink Local!!

  • Emily K

    Dallas Blonde because they do have more fun!

  • LIz

    Deep Ellum IPA is my favorite because it was the very first one I tried from the brewery. It was from The Village Burger Bar and it was excellent!

  • Scott McCollough

    We got two bottles of the Cherry Chocolate Double Brown Stout when they released them at Boca Mercado and still have one in the fridge. We like the Farmhouse Whit too.

  • RenAgain

    I love Festivus! A beer crafted in honor of a holiday from my favorite TV show! I hate that it’s seasonal, but it makes me appreciate it even more. Tasty goodness. I would love to go to the anniversary party to celebrate such an awesome local business, and to try some of the other beers available. I even happen to be off of work that day with nothing to do (yet).

  • Justin Cooper

    I am a big fan of the Dallas Blonde….she’s so crisp and delicious. I’ve been to three tours and every time I am blown away by what good beer there is a DEBC. Love the place and hope to get the tickets.

  • Marcus

    I’ll say that Deep Ellum IPA is my standard go-to beer when available, but Hop Seeker was a damn fine beer. The reason I should be picked is because I’m a moron. I sent out an email 3 weeks ago to several people to get a headcount and I never followed up. If selected to win, I will then rub it in everyone’s face what a kick ass time it was and they should have come.

  • Tambry Haagen

    Rye Pils is my favorite, followed closely by the Double Stout (probably cause I missed out on the cherry chocolate stout). I adore the brewery, heck wish I could live right there! Awesome beer, and on a good night Epic Cones, or Buzz Brews, no better way to spend any Thursday! Tambry Haagen!

  • Samantha Gelvoria

    I have only been living in Dallas, specifically Deep Ellum, for 2 months and already love the Dallas Blonde! My boyfriend likes the Farmhouse Wit. We love visiting Deep Ellum hangouts and getting DEBC brews!!

  • Tambry Haagen

    My favorite is the Rye Pils, followed closely by the Double Stout (probably because I never got to try the choco cherry stout). I adore the brewery, there is no better way to spend a Thursday Evening. Beer and Epic Cones, Beer and Buzz Brews, mmmmmm beer!

  • Kurt G

    IPA for me please. Thanks 😉

  • kat

    My fave is the Dallas Blonde. The glasses are really cool too. Why do I deserve the tickets? Well, my husband is in medical school and working really hard to save lives here in Dallas. He’s on his psych rotation and I think he could use a break. I want to surprise him with these tickets so he can relax. He too, loves the beer there. Pick me please!!

  • Anna

    My favorite Deep Ellum beer is the IPA. I can’t wait to get my hands on the Dreamcrusher and Pollenater though. Although I won’t be celebrating my first birthday, but a much older one, I can’t think of a better way to spend my weekend than a cold Deep Ellum beer in my hand!

  • Layne Coplen

    My favorite is the Rye pils, with a nice spice and hop profile while remaining easy to drink. Why should I go? Well, I am a DFW beer blogger (which the event would be great content for), my birthday is Thursday (best birthday gift, ever), and well, I’m great, and people like me.

  • darcoop

    The DEBC RyePils is a great beer with great drinkability. Good to start with the Rye Pils, then after two, switch to the Deep Ellum IPA. Nothing like great friends(old and new) and GREAT beer. Deep Ellum makes GREAT BEER!!!
    I need to go to Anniversary Party this week because we try to make the Saturday tours when we come to D. We will be in Dallas this weekend to celebrate my 55th birthday. No better birthday present than to be able to attend the DEBC 1st Birthday PARTY!!!

  • Darwyn Cooper

    RyePils is great beer to start with, then move over to Deep Ellum IPA. Great Beer, great people and a great time. We always visit DEBC when we come to Big D for weekend.. We will be there this weekend to celebrate 55th Birthday. No better way to celebrate birthday than to spend it celebrating DEBC 1st Birthday at same time

  • Khan

    Dreamcrusher. But I hope this dream doesn’t ER crushed. I would love to go

  • Willy Evans

    Love the Dreamcrusher……seriously good stuff!!
    I also love Deep Ellum Brewing Company because it kind of led the charge for all the new breweries here in the DFW area!! I look forward to many more backyard breweries popping up here in our fair berg, but DEBC will always hold a special place in my heart for being one of the first! Excelsior!!

  • melmo

    My favorite has to be the Cherry Chocolate Double Brown Stout. I loved it so much that I drove all the way to Bolsa Mercado in Bishop Arts from Garland. When I heard they hand bottled some. I bought bottle number 10 and 15. I took a couple of bottles of wine out to make room for them in the wine chiller. With the intent of saving them. Bottle number 15 didn’t make it past 2 weeks one night in a moment of weakness.

  • melmo

    My favorite has to be the Cherry Chocolate Double Brown Stout. I loved it so much that I drove all the way to Bolsa Mercado in Bishop Arts from Garland. When I heard they hand bottled some. I bought bottle number 10 and 15. I took a couple of bottles of wine out to make room for them in the wine chiller. With the intent of saving them. Bottle number 15 didn’t make it past 2 weeks one night in a moment of weakness.

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  • Philip G

    I first tried the IPA at the Whole Foods beer dinner and was immediately shocked at how good it was because I normally don’t like IPAs.

  • Emily Reyes

    Cherry Chocolate mmmmmmm

  • Jordan St.Clair

    My favorite was the IPA until I had the Rye Pils on tap recently – excellent beer. I love this brewery.

  • Case Collett

    I loved the rye pils. I just moved to Dallas from Austin in August for grad school at UTD and am having SERIOUS withdrawals from living in a craft brew heaven of a city. I NEED these tickets to have a little slice of home. Cheers to DEBC and their anniversary, heres to many more!

  • taytertot85

    The Darkest Hour is my favorite DEBC beer and the IPA is a very close second. I attended the first public tour and they had a year of prosperity so as a good luck charm I think I should attend the anniversary tour in order to continue their amazing upswing.

  • Nathan M

    My favorite DEBC beer is the IPA. It is just a great beer. I love DEBC because I have never had a beer from them that I didn’t like. Thanks for having this contest – it is the only chance of getting tickets now that they are sold out!

  • Brandon M.

    Deep Ellum IPA, most definitely. Please let me win these tickets. I met my future wife here ten months ago at one of the first tours. We were going to have our wedding there, but it turned out to be too small for the number on our guest list. Pretty please let me win, it would mean so much. I follow them on facebook, twitter, always, ALWAYS buy DEBC if it is on tap and somehow did not see this event’s purchase time. I would have without a doubt bought tickets had I known these went on sale.

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  • Travis Coover

    I dream about the Dreamcursher, but my standby IPA has become the Deep Ellum IPA, it’s a very well balanced beer and many of my friends who think I only drink outrageous beers have come around with this one. I love that they’re local, very friendly and always willing to share their knowledge with fans. I am devastated I missed out on getting tickets to the event, and I’ll even live-tweet the event wearing a D-Mag t-shirt (if provided with the tix and the shirt). And a +1 on Derek Beaton’s comment about the O’s. They have played several of their parties, and it always makes for a GREAT night!

  • Travis Coover

    I dream about the Dreamcrusher, but my standby IPA has become the Deep Ellum IPA. Some of my friends who are always scared to try whatever I’m drinking have become more trusting after I turned them on to that one. I love that the DEBC crew is local, and very amenable to sharing their brewing knowledge with fans. A big +1 to Derek Beaton’s comment about the O’s too! They have played several of the parties and ALWAYS make it a great night. I would also live-tweet the event wearing a DMag t-shirt (assuming I’m provided with the t-shirt and the tix). Fingers crossed! /tc

  • Vicki Scott

    Blonde Ambition Baby!! I need tickets b/c I must taste the Pollenator….as in ” I’ll be back” –

  • Vicki Scott

    Blonde Ambition Baby! I need tickets b/c I must taste the Pollentator – as in I’LL BE BACK!

  • Brian Beneke

    DREAMCRUSHER double IPA. Delicious.

  • Nathaniel Rentería

    There are a lot of comments for you to read through. I’ll make mine in haiku form to make it short and sweet for you. If beer and haiku doesn’t get a party started, I don’t know what does:

    Can’t wait to party
    With Deep Ellum I.P.A
    Happy first beer year

  • JJFoodie

    Wealth and Taste is my favorite…not just for the complexity and novelty, but for the stories behind the name…thanks, Drew!

  • Chase Blackstock

    My favorite is, coincidentally, the first one I had: the Double Brown Stout. I had it about a year ago at The Common Table in Uptown. I hadn’t heard of DEBC at that point. Now I realize that’s because they were brand new at the time, but back then I thought I had just been missing out. I had several great beers at the Common Table that night, but the Deep Ellum Double Brown Stout was my favorite.

  • gerardo


    i need to go because i am biking that morning and need to replenish afterwards. hopefully you care about my health…

  • Emmie Olivas

    I have not tried any of the beer, buy my husband loves beer and would love to give him a chance to try it, to return many times in the future. I want to do something unexpected and special. Cheers!

  • Heather Schilling

    Really delicious and
    Craft brewed to please all
    Kinds of people
    That love to visit
    Or live in the
    Best part of the city –
    East Dallas! This brew tastes like
    Rocks (kind of), because that’s what is used to
    Fire the beer, providing an
    Ever so

    Also, we had our wedding rehearsal dinner at DEBC, so it has a special place in our hearts!

  • Heather Schilling

    Really delicious and
    Craft brewed to please all
    Kinds of people
    That love to visit
    Or live in the
    Best part of the city –
    East Dallas! This brew tastes like
    Rocks (kind of), because that’s what is used to
    Fire the beer, providing an
    Ever so

    We had our wedding rehearsal dinner at DEBC, so it obviously has a special place in our hearts!

  • Katy

    As a (Deep Ellum) Dallas Blonde, I have to go with the beer of the same name. It’s great to see my neighborhood brewing the best beers and bringing something special to our community. To many more birthdays!

  • Clay Wheeler

    DEPC makes me proud be from a city otherwise famous for shooting things. I seriously prefer DEPC IPA to any other. My heart flutters every time I see a DEPC van cruising the fine streets of Big D. SideDish, make my dreams come true.

  • Heather Lawrence

    My FAVE is the Rye Pils, I love the crisp clean lightness of this floral lager! Although, there isn’t one that I don’t like, that is my go to DEBC. I love to support the local businesses and can’t wait to go to this celebration (fingers crossed that you pick me). Thanks DMAGAZINE! Cheers to DEBC for 1 year!

  • Angie

    My all time favorite DEBC beer is Dreamcrusher. I spent lots of time on the phone last winter/spring calling restaurants to see who still had it on tap. Since its gone, the IPA has taken its place in my heart. It’s my birthday on Saturday– and my only wish is to have a glass of Dreamcrusher. I beg you to make my birthday dream come true!!!!

  • DallasBrunette

    Clearly Dallas Blondes go down easiest. And is there any happier combination than the Rocktoberfest and Double Brown Stout Beer Cheese Soup with Sharp Cheddar and Candied Bacon Crumbles? Exactly.

  • Canitha Graning

    I like the Dreamcrusher IPA, but I am a poor ass bitch so could’nt afford the tix!

  • Jeremy

    My wife’s birthday is Saturday and I was out of town and missed out on the tickets. It would be her dream(crusher) to be able to go.

  • Needle

    My favorite is the Farmhouse Wit, it’s got this cool chicken with spikes on it. Also, it’s delicious.

  • Artyvick Vs

    I’d love to check this place out. I LOVE Deep Ellum. I was a Deep Ellum mixed media artist for 11 years… it has been way to long since I have been down there to see what is new!

  • Jesse P

    I really like the dreamcrusher, so don’t crush my dream and send me to the Birthday Party!

  • Shannon Schulte

    My favorite is their Double Brown Stout because it’s the most rich, flavorful dark beer that I have EVER experienced! I have traveled around the world and it is one of the best beers I have ever had.

  • michelle

    Dallas Blonde is my favorite. I go to their tours on Sat it is within walking distance of my apartment.

  • Reuben Jones

    DEBC Double Brown Stout changed my life forever. The first time it ever touched my lips, clouds parted and liquid heaven threw a party in my mouth and led a Ferris Beuller-esque parade down to my belly. I made all of my coworkers try it…they felt the same way I did…or at least I like to think so. It makes me feel better about my inappropriate love of this beer

  • SP87

    I can’t pick a favorite bc I’ve never had the chance to go there! I’ve heard a lot about DEBC lately and would love to kick off my love for them with this party!!! Plus my brother ( a beer enthusiast) is in town from Kansas for the weekend! How else to show him this amazing city then by taking him to the DEBC party! Thanks for this chance! Also I have 3 other friends that would also cherish this super rad opporotunity!! Wink wink!!!!Thanks!

  • Elise

    Medical school teaches you all the dirty details about how to digest alcohol, but our real life experience with the Dallas Blonde is too few and far between…help us escape the library to the party!

  • Daniel Greenberg

    To be honest I love the DEBC more than I love my blonde girlfriend. Probably spend more time with the DEBC Blonde too.

  • Daniel Greenberg

    I love the DEBC blonde more than my girlfriend. I’ve been spending so much time doing it that I’m starting to regret dating a brunette. But I’d still take her if I won…

  • Bradley Garrett

    My favorite beer from DEBC is the IPA. I go out of my way to find places that carry it because of all the IPAs I’ve tried (and trust me that’s a lot!) DEBC’s has just the right amount of hoppiness. I really want to go the anniversary party because I just found out that I’m being transferred to Baltimore in January and this will be one of my last chances to get to enjoy all the DEBC beers (sniff sniff).

  • Chrisc

    PUUUHHLLLLLEEEASSSEEEEE choose me to go… yes i am a procrastinator and didnt purchase tickets when I had the chance… I am begging? yes I am.

    The IPA is one of my favorites but I really want to try the Pollenator at the celebration. I make it out to the brewery every chance I get and would be sad if I didnt get to celebrate with one of my favorite local businesses. My Saturday will only be complete with a shiny new pair of Annivesary tickets… I have never been disappointed with a DEBC beer…

  • Lauren B

    I’m not much of a beer connoisseur, but my good friend Brett is! He and his wife Shelli just had a baby this fall, so their beer consumption has sadly plummeted. Tickets to the DEBC Anniversary Party would be a wonderful surprise for these new parents who adore DEBC beer AND are desperate for a date night away from their newborn!

  • Richard Dale

    Farmhouse Wit through and through. So refreshing on our hot Dallas days!

  • Richard Dale

    Farmhouse Wit through and through. Its just so refreshing on our hot Dallas days!

  • Josh Byers

    I love DEBC’s Farm House Wit. I should be given one of the pairs of tickets because I am the Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin of Dallas and my dream is to “accidentally” fall into one of the Beer Tanks like Augustus Gloop fell into the Chocolate River.

    If you grant me the tickets, I will make sure NOT to fall in, but I WILL drink any experimental beer, especially if it will make me fly up towards the fan blades until I burp or cut one like in Family Guy.

  • Eryn Nicholson

    Had this for the first time at the Spune Index Fest and there was an instant connection. A connection that can only be compared to my love for DEBC in general. I saw the brewery go from warehouse hangout to a chic hipster beer-lover headquarters. And as you continue to grow…I will be there.
    Also a big fan for the Dallas Blonde…probably cause it matches my hair.

  • Alex Lepe

    Wealth and Taste!

    Really, though, I love all their stuff. Hard not to when the brewery is a five minute walk from my apartment!

  • Toocuteforyou

    I have never been but would like the chance to go and fall in love with the beer and everything else!!!! Pick me pick me….

  • Druva Setty

    Moved to Dallas recently would love to meet new people, and what better place to to that with beer and live music!!

  • Carol Shih

    Thanks for playing, everyone! The four winners have been chosen. If you’re one of them, you should’ve already received an email.