Gina’s Organic Kitchen Delivers Healthy Food Right to Your Door

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About nine years ago, Gina Paterno Villalobos was diagnosed with high-risk breast cancer. To combat the disease, she completely changed her diet and turned to organic whole foods. She witnessed amazing results.

After training at the Kushi Institute Center for Natural Healing and getting certified at the Natural Gourmet Institute for Food & Health, Villalobos is now known as The Organic Coach in Whole Foods circles. This week, she opened Gina’s Organic Kitchen, which delivers to your home or office food that is both tasty and healthy. The best thing about it? Her food truck used to be an old SWAT ambulance.

“This is a way of being able to impact more people and make more of a difference in people’s lives,” says Villalobos. She puts it very simply: “All people have to do is order and eat.” Right now, she’s delivering to the Preston Hollow, Uptown, and Knox-Henderson areas, but plans for expansion are underway. Guests can also pick-up food or sit down at Gina’s commissary kitchen at 10870 Plano Road in Dallas to eat. Villalobos hopes to have a storefront and dine-in location open early 2013.

“I think Dallas is ready for healthy,” Villalobos says.

So, there you have it, Dallas mommies. Dinner just got easier. There’s no need to cook when you have Gina’s Organic Kitchen around. For first time customers, Villalobos suggests trying the springy sweet pea soup, wheatberry delight, miso-glazed wild salmon, or blueberry pecan baked tart.


  • Kofla

    Gina’s choices are the best. The food is packed with powerful flavors and health. Everyone must check this out. It’s about time. Kofla.

  • KDW

    Send a weeks worth of meals to your friends who’ve just become new parents. They will love you! Our friends did this for us when we had our first baby and it was so helpful. Who had time to cook with a newborn?

  • Subhi

    Gina’s Pesto Chicken Wrap is AMAZING.

  • Andrea Villegas

    Everything at Gina’s Kitchen is amazing.

  • Andrea Villegas

    Everything at Gina’s kitchen is delicious and healthy!!

  • Mars E

    What a brilliant idea! We need more healthy options when it comes to eating. Well done Gina!