Food News and Booze

Okay, I lied. There’s no booze in this post, but if you’d like to win one of four pairs of tickets to Deep Ellum Brewing Co.’s Anniversary Party, go enter your heart out before tomorrow at noon. Some entrants apparently have their love lives hanging on the line.

Onto the news…

Chuck E. Cheese announces new gluten-free pizza and cupcake options. Since November is Gluten-Free Diet Awareness Month, Chuck E. Cheese is getting mighty fancy with its new Bake-in-Pizza bag from a gluten-free facility in New Jersey. I don’t know how appetizing that sounds, but I guess if kids like it, that’s all that matters.

Mockingbird Taproom opens early December. The new burger and sports bar will open at Mockingbird Station with 40 beers on tap and 20 plasma TVs. The menu items are typical gastro-pub fare (burgers, wings, salads, and Tex-Mex style tacos), and certainly nothing to go crazy about, but the names of these items are… well, let’s just say… unusual. A signature starter called “Suicide Fries” is not the least bit appealing, even if it does come with queso. (For one thing, why would you pair a word as serious as ‘suicide’ next to ‘fries’?) And a burger named “The Love Shack” will probably have Tim Love trying to break down the Taproom’s doors. Let’s not also forget that one of the wing sauces is called Y.G.H.U.T (you’re gonna hate us tomorrow!). It’s not only a pain to type out, it’ll be a pain to say out loud inside a noisy bar with 20 plasma TVs.

UrbanDaddy Dallas does not like the $62 nachos at Max’s Wine Dive. The editors of UrbanDaddy launched a skeptical investigation of Max’s nachos topped with caviar. They came back, disgusted. Now that they mention it, I’m thinking of hiring a nacho intern myself. Or maybe we should just share one, UrbanDaddy.