Food News and Booze

Jeffery Hobbs (photo by Melisa Oporto)

Chef Jeffery Hobbs will be the executive chef at American F+B, the new comfort restaurant in Fort Worth opening in 2013. Teresa Gubbins is all over it. She says that Hobbs will not be opening his own restaurant, like he promised us after he left Sissy’s back in September. My dreams of a potential restaurant called Hobbity Hobbs, to open in conjunction with the premier of The Hobbit, are now dashed. Sad day.

Babb Bros BBQ and Blues opens this Thursday on November 29 at Trinity Groves. Nancy said it would open in early November, but you know how restaurant timelines work. There’s always some kind of delay. The important thing is that Midwestern-style barbecue has found a home in Dallas at the Babb Bros. And once the TABC license arrives, according to Thrillist, there’ll be plenty of drinking to be done in West Dallas.

Heinz has a new jalapeno ketchup. I don’t know how I feel about this. It feels like a betrayal on the original.