• Annie

    Ate at Si Lom Thai, and it was amazing! It was the best green curry I have ever had I think, and the Thai fried rice and drunken noodles were excellent too. Service was spot on and the owner even gave us free dessert! I have really missed Thai Express, and the new location is gorgeous and the food is even better than before.

  • TheBradsBlog

    spoon – shocker. been three times. It get’s better and tighter with each visit. (it’s only been open a week!) Serious contender.

  • Gipson

    Not a very exciting road game this week. Sushi and beer at Zenna last night. One of the best Happy Hours in town for sure: dollar Ziegenbock drafts and a slew of basic rolls for under $4. It’s not the best sushi you’ll ever have, but it’s better than you deserve for the price.

    On the home front, it was another “cook a big thing and eat it every day” kind of week. Made a roasted pork loin roulade with lemon, sage and garlic. Served it Tuesday with roasted potatoes and a mustard gravy. Sliced it thin on Wednesday and revived it in chicken stock flavored with lemon, shallots, pepperoncini, kalamatas and marinated artichokes – served it all up overstuffed sandwich-style on a baguette, extra jus on the side for dippin’. Tonight, pork loin hash.

  • cb_foodie

    Chocolate Secrets Wednesday night – awesome sugar high from espresso chocolate bon bons and wine. Lunch today at Chicken Scratch. Fried chicken was good but not as good as Babe’s. Fun atmosphere and good selection of local beers.