Cane Rosso to Open in East Dallas. Begs the Question: Is East Dallas More Hip Than Oak Cliff

Jack and Jay went up the hill from businessmen to chefs. (Photo from JJ’s Facebook page without permission.)

If I ever want to get a good sleep I have to turn my computer off. If I don’t, I run the risk of passing it in the middle of the night and noticing the little green light next to Teresa “Gubbshoe” Gubbins’ name on gTalk. For while I am making a middle-of-the-night bathroom run, Gubbshoe is scouring Facebook, Craig’s List, Angie’s List, and this list, and beating stories out if the internet bushes. I swear she is a vampire.

This morning she shines a beacon on the big news in East Dallas: Jay “The J” Jerrier is opening a second location of Cane Rosso at 7328 Gaston Ave. at Grand Avenue, near White Rock Lake. (I know something about Jay that she doesn’t but I’m not telling!)

Anywhoo, it begs the question: Does North Oak Cliff have a hipper food scene than East Dallas? Or vice versa?

Do you like the Goodfriend-Mecca-Matt’s-Barbec’s sensibility of East Dallas or the Oddfellows-Bolsa-Boulevardier-Smoke-Hattie’s vibe of Bishop Arts District and North Oak Cliff? And WTF, Marc Cassel? Will you ever open?


  • Seven

    More or less, I don’t know, but different for sure. The old school East Dallas places are good, and it’s been great to see the new spots open up. I’d love to have a few more dinner and hangout options come, but don’t care for ‘hip’ labels, overhype, crowds, and parking messes.

    Love this news for Gaston/Grand! Thank you Jay!

  • Big Bud Goode

    I am giving up on the fight on the misuse of Begs The Question but I love any restaurant that serves bacon. And when do we start getting the free pot I’ve been hearing about?

  • billholston

    We love Oak Cliff, but I really love the developing Eastside. Goodfriend is mighty great of course. Walked there last Thursday, dogs, kids, local brews.

    And Marc’s spot has made tremendous progress. He was working inside that night.

  • Margie Hubbard

    So true! I have the same question for Cassel. Can’t hold my breath anymore for that! I just be happy to go when it opens. I do see activity.
    I am ecstatic the CR is opening so near me!
    Of course I love East Dallas more! I’m right there in it.

  • Eastside

    Yay! Love this place but forget about it sometimes as I never go to Deep Ellum. Now that it’s 10 min from my house, will go there much more! Now I know where I will be getting my to-go pizza as well. Thanks Jay!!

  • VMan

    ED and OC, first cousins. Very excited to have the new Cane Rosso, and I hope we have an Asian Mint outpost at some point.

  • Irish

    East Side: better overall
    Oak Cliff: better food

    The fact that you had to round out your list with Barbec’s (total crap) put’s the OC way ahead on dining. Being an Eastsider, I can’t wait for Cane Rosso and everything else in the works (luke warm on Cassel, though).

  • Beda Casstevens

    Add Havana Cafe in Casa Linda to the new places to eat in East Dallas.
    And I disagree with Irish’s assessment of Barbec.

  • Irish

    Yes, yes…I know it retains institutional status. I just don’t get it. Fortunately for them, my opinion means little. And “total crap” was probably a little harsh.

  • twinwillow

    Parking shouldn’t be problem at the new location. Which by the way, is only a stones throw from the recently opened, (sit down version) of Tacos el Banqueta. The one attached to the Fina Station. YEE HA!

  • ED and OC

    Do not forget Good 2 Go and Hypnotic Donuts on the East side. Oak Cliff Coffee is working on a shop in the OC. Both are great areas.

  • Kenjah OneTribe

    They are just two different scenes. One is not better than the other. I live in East Dallas but will go visit the Oak Cliff vibe if I’m in the mood to venture out of the 75218. But I love being able to go up the street and get stuff like (soon)Torchy’s Tacos!

  • sausage on a stick

    Unfortunately Havana Cafe wasn’t good….wanted to love it, but alas no, despite the great, friendly service. Unless they bring their food options up to snuff, they are not going to be in the neighorhood very long.

  • gab

    Cane Rosso is delicious, so is Scalini’s on Abrams Rd., wonderful thin crisp crust.