Call For Local Foods

This holiday season we would like to support our local food businesses. Carol and I are compiling a Local Food Gift Guide for SideDish. The post will be dedicated to spotlighting those who make food-related items one can purchase for gifts or serve at a gathering. If you make jelly, jam, chocolate, aprons, coffee cake, ham, table linen, turkey, casseroles, wine openers, olive oil, brownies or any other groovy food item, send Carol an email ([email protected]) with your information and a picture if you have one. Only products made in the DFW area or close by.


  • Paula Lambert

    Think Mozzarella Company cheese for the holidays! We have a great selection .. come by our cheese factory in Deep Ellum, order online or call us 214 741 4072 … we can make things very easy and very delicious for you and your family and friends.