Wicked Po’ Boys is Opening a Second Location in Preston Center

My inbox is happy. I’ve just received word that Wicked Po’ Boys, which first opened in Richardson this past June, just signed a lease for a second location in Preston Center three doors down from Hopdoddy Burger Bar and one block away from my new dentist. He is not going to be thrilled when he finds out how many beignets I’ll be eating at Wicked once the new spot opens. When I first visited back in June, I mistakenly forgot to try the beignets with nutella and powdered sugar. Let it be known that is never happening again.


  • yumDFW

    Got a large gumbo…was mistakenly given a regular size. I was amazed to see them pour my regular size gumbo into a large container, without having to fill any additional!!

    The large container is the same size as regular…just shaped “taller”.

    I felt cheated.

  • twinwillow

    I hope the space is larger and more comfortable than the original.

  • Wicked PoBoys

    @ YumDFW – The last thing to ever cross our minds would be to cheat our customers in any way, as you all are the ones that keep our doors open.  We have two sizes for our soups, an 8 oz cup and a 16 oz bowl. I’m not sure what happened during your visit, but leaving with the feeling of being cheated is definitely not what we’re after. Please come by and ask for a manager on duty or our owner Joey and we’ll be more than happy to give you a large gumbo.  

    @TwinWillow – this space is almost double the size of the original location in Richardson.


  • todd

    Oh man, Wicked Po Boys down the street from the house and the office. I see bigger pants in my future.

  • twinwillow

    @ Wicked PoBoys – Looking forward to it. It’s also a lot closer to me as well.

  • Eileen

    Food was over salted!