Where to Find All the One-Handed Foods at the State Fair of Texas (With Printable PDF)

Caramel apple at the State Fair of Texas (photo by Desiree Espada)

You’re probably wondering why one-handed foods at the State Fair are worth the search. Easy. Allow me to explain.

1. Parents need to be able to eat with one hand while using the other to hold onto a leash – a leash for their children.

2. You need one hand for beer and the other for food. It’s impossible to eat with two hands and hold beer at the same time, unless you’re really good at balancing things on your head. Maybe you should join a circus, if that’s you.

3. Everything on a stick tastes 100x better. For instance, chicken tenders are boring. (Why would you get chicken tenders at the State Fair when there’s deep fried jambalaya?) However, chicken tenders on a stick are cool.

4. It keeps your hands clean. You can use half the amount of hand sanitizer and wipes when you’re only getting one hand semi-dirty. Save the wipes, protect the planet.

5. You’re keepin’ it classy by eating a one-handed food. You don’t look like a caveman who uses two hands. You’re sophisticated and dainty when you bite into a Fletcher’s corny dog with your polished, fingernail-painted one hand. No mess, remember?

For a printable pdf of this list, go here.

And don’t forget, our healthy food list at the State Fair is also available to print out.