The Stand on McKinney Avenue is Closed

The last picture of The Stand by Micah Nunley

Tip of the hat to Disher JM:

Walked by [The Stand] tonight, they appear to have abruptly closed. A note on the door says they are “going back to their roots” and opening a food truck soon.It’s kind of surprising, their food was good and they always seemed busy.

Voicemail at brick and mortar says the restaurant has “gone mobile” and the truck will be roaming the streets by October 17. OH NO, that song! Keep me moving.



  • Your mom

    Soon people will begin to take the finger puppet seriously……

  • InsideEdition

    I love that song. What a superb song for a food truck. What is a finger puppet?

  • me

    Actually, the Stand was never busy and the food was mediocre and overpriced. I wanted this place to succeed – I live nearby – but it just wasn’t very good. No surprise it closed.

  • Elizabeth Bair

    I’m convinced that is the most cursed restaurant location in the city. How many restaurants have occupied that space in 10 years? I think Rocco’s was there for more than a second but can’t remember much else that survived there long.

  • eric

    The food was terrible and overpriced

  • The problem with the spot is one word “PARKING”!

  • Ed P

    The Stand was a joke. Tried it multiple times. Bad all but one time. Its pretty hard to screw up a hot dog and Mac and cheese. Price points were actually consistent with uptown fare. Their relationship with the dbags next door didn’t help either. Now if that place will close we will have taken care of all the clowns on that block, since St Johns is thankfully out as well.

  • Ed P

    Also, Rocco’s didn’t fail. They made a very smart move to a bigger place on Howell.