Takeru Kobayashi Stuffs Down 60 Hot Dogs in Less Than Three Minutes at the State Fair

Face stuffage (left); face winnage (right) photos by Carol Shih

By the time Friday afternoon rolled around, I was prepared to watch a lot of sick hot dog action going on at the State Fair of Texas. Takeru Kobayashi, as you all know, is the world champion eater who recently signed on with Hoffmann Hot Dogs as the brand ambassador, and he’s been judging and eating his way through plenty of hot dog eating competitions.

“Eat at your own pace,” said Kobayashi. That was his advice to the eight people about to risk their stomachs for Hoffmann’s pleasure.

The competitors starting chomping on hot diggity dogs as soon as the alarm sounded. Kobi was acting as judge for this first part of the show. A young man named Jake was in the lead for some time until he started blowing chunks into the waste basket behind him. Bam. Immediate disqualification for the Sooner baby, but that’s okay. After five minutes of tough eating times, Barlas Yuce, a Turkish man with a belly that could probably fit Kobi inside, claimed the $1000 prize. He’d eaten 20 whole hot dogs. 2-0.

Hoffmann hot dogs

Kobi made that look like a cinch by following it up with his own act. The small Japanese man was able to fit 60 hot dogs inside his signature rock hard abs in two minutes and thirty five seconds. How’d he do it? Kobi jumped, wiggled, and threw his head back every time he needed to swallow. His head rhythmically bounced up and down to the music playing as he stuffed hot dogs inside his mouth, two at a time.

Amazing. Kobayashi never ceases to disappoint.

Scroll down for more pictures of the whole amusing experience.

Competitors get ready to eat
Jake the Sooner 'bout to blow (left); Lisa steadily eating (right)
"Don't worry about Kobi... He's the judge!"
Barlas Yuce wins the hot dog eating competition

Correction: I previously wrote that Kobi ate 60 hot dogs in three minutes, but Kobi’s manager writes to inform me: “His actual score was not 60 hot dogs in 3 minutes. It was 60 bunless Hofmann hot dogs in 2 minutes and 35 seconds. There were two referees judging with a clock to make it official.”


  • bluebird

    I saw on FB that one of these guys said he woke up from another competition spitting up blood and wondered if that was a problem. This isn’t about food, it’s about compulsive disturbing behavior and therefore belongs on FrontBurner – or better yet, not posted at all. Please no more.

  • I’m amazed every time I hear about what Kobayashi eats. The man is a machine. If you don’t like reading about this type of stuff, then don’t read it. It really is that simple.

  • Cassi

    Maybe he will donate prize money to a local food bank.

  • Gina

    Oh the PC bluebird. It’s about food. Hot dogs. Eating competitions are on food tv. I agree you don’t have to read it.