• Kenny Mills

    We did our cooking demo yesterday and then got to do our part to support fried food in Texas. First and foremost we headed for the famous corn dogs, perfect as usual then we tried the fried cinnamon rolls with BACON. Greatness. Followed by the fried Tres leches, kinda dry in the center (got milk), then off to the fried gator pretty good, the fried pb&j very good, fried snickers, ok kinda to much, Tamale balls, not very good,fried mac and cheese pretty bad and I think the best was the fried jambalaya.
    Following in the up coming Top Chef concept this season ( how does the food make you feel) my intestinal foritude is suffering this morning.

  • Annie

    Fried guacamole- excellent, though a bit salty. Had a nice kick.
    Fried bacon cinamon roll- Delicious. Looks small but surprisingly filling. Did not skimp on the bacon.
    Those fried curly potatos- standard fair food, still taste great.
    Fried pork rib- the version I got was terrible. It was covered in chicken fried steak batter and was very tough. Flavor and texture were both bad. The fries that came with them were not good either, very bland and tiny.

  • DJ

    Fried Jambalaya was great — have had it a couple of times already.
    Fried Cheesecake is so good — my favorite dessert out there.
    Fried Meatballs — very tasty and a big hit with the group of us trying it.
    Fried Chicken Flapjack — the sweet and savory marriage of flavor (make sure you dip it in the maple syrup) is unreal.
    Fried PB&J sandwich — have not had it in years but had it on Saturday and they have perfected it — it was slap yo’ mama good!
    Chocolate Covered Strawberries fried in waffle cone — outstanding! 2nd favorite dessert and it never disappoints!

  • lk

    We went yesterday and really enjoyed the fried cinnamon roll with bacon and the fried jambalaya. I would have gone back for seconds on the jambalaya but by that point, the line was too long.

    We also tried the fried pork wing which was better than I thought it was going to be although I wish it was served hot vs. barely warm. And of course, it wouldn’t be the fair without a Fletcher’s corny dog.

  • Becky W

    Fried Firecrackers-tamale-like spicy bite-tasty
    Fried Cactus Bites-between squash and a pickle-mediocre
    Fried Jambalaya-excellent
    Fletcher’s Corny Dog-greatness