• Martin

    Loved the Deep Fried Pork Wing. So good. Smokey, nice BBQ flavor and barely fried.
    I also tried the Mexican Firecrackers and the Picnic on a stick and they were ok, but nothing spectacular.

  • ozonedude

    Fried BBQ Pork Wing in Taste of Cuba in Cotton Bowl Plaza is an outstanding treat. Most tender pork chop I’ve ever eaten. Too bad it gets lumped in with all the other fried stuff.

  • LIsa

    Fried Samoas are fab – tried one this AM! Carol is CRA CRA!

  • Norma

    My family and I tried all sorts of fried items, and the winner was…..drum roll please…. THE FRIED GIRL SCOUT SAMOAS!!!!

    the kids loved!!! My husband and I shared one and they were amazing!!!

  • Me

    Fried Salsa last year sucked. Flavor was so so, kinda cold in the middle and not spicy.

  • Belly

    The Fried Somoas are awesome!! Maybe Carol just got a bad one out of the bunch, but adding more chocolate and caramel and frying what is already arguably the greatest cookie ever made…just makes the dish AWESOME! 10 tickets are well worth it for this Nunny (Nunny: something that is delicious)!!!

  • I’m tellin’ ya, that fried jambalaya ’tweren’t bad!

  • Lindsey

    The fried bacon cinnamon roll was everything I’d hoped it would be. Precluded by fried mac’n’cheese and picnic on a stick, my stomach was happy (even if my waistline was not).