Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Private Chef for Party

Calling all private chefs. Gal looking for a party chef:

I am looking for a private party chef to cook for 10 –12 people.  The party is November 9 or 10 in my house.  I’d like upscale American cuisine with appetizers and desert for $80 to 100 bucks a head including gratuity.

Sign up below.


  • S-H

    Jordan Swim – Vestals Foods (and the mastermind behind Food Creates Community).

  • Kat

    Chef Nicole! She will cater to any special diet needs and is awesome!

  • Contact info is on website, I’ll be happy to schedule a meeting at your convenience.

  • Jimmy Contreras

    Hollie Dorethy

    She’s great and does a tremendous amount of charity work for the community.

  • Christopher Tuck

    Had an upscale restaurant for ten years, worked in New Orleans restaurants prior to that. Am used to cooking for parties. Might be interested.

  • Tom

    Good morning! We’d be glad to help. At Big City Chefs, we bring amazing restaurant chefs into your home! (We also have a TV show on Food Network that you may have seen, called Private Chefs of Beverly Hills).

    Our private chef Kevin would be amazing for this. He’s worked at one of Tom Colicchio’s restaurants and other high end places around town. We can either custom-craft a menu for you, or you can take a look at some of our menu packages. Your budget is totally doable. Please feel free to contact us. Our website is Thanks for considering us!

  • TJ’s caters, and we can send a private chef to do your event! Obviously we’re a good choice if you like seafood. email [email protected] with details.

  • Gary

    Hayley is an amazing chef/cook..
    check out her web site below…
    amazing, delicious, beautiful recipes and the gift of hospitality..

    Big wow factor….so good in fact
    I’ll come and be her sous chef.

  • Primi timpano

    Hard to argue with TJs at home and personal. Ask for some live sea urchin, live scallops, and oysters, whichever is available. Their seafood is impeccably fresh and they know what to do with it.

  • jc

    I’ll do it. I just cooked for Norah Jones last week and love doing wine dinners for small gatherings . I’m not booked yet for either of those days. Call me at 214 564 7562. I would love to discuss menu options with you.

  • I’m happy to put my name out here on the chopping block. I’ve just finished 7 years of working on mega yachts but I’ve come back home to Dallas!!!

  • Karin Porter

    Please have a look at my page on Facebook, Porter House Provisions

  • Your party sounds exactly like the niche I fill. Check out what I’m cooking at if you like what you see, give me a shout.