Sneak Peek: British Beverage Co. in Uptown

The exterior of BBC (photos by Carol Shih)

Tomorrow the British Beverage Co., located at 2800 Routh Street in the Quadrangle, is opening for dinner service. It opens officially to the public on November 5. And on November 12, lunch service starts. Excited? Not Yet? You probably should be.

Plan B – the same guys who brought you Bolsa and Oak – designed the dark, cozy interior. It looks exactly like a London pub. It’s dim, but doesn’t feel stuffy. Not at all. Communal tables line the front of the room, where there’s easy access to the full-service bar. Just imagine: 45 wines and champagnes, 50 beers on draught, and 100 different bottled beers. Pair that with a BBC burger (blue cheese, onion marmalade, ground beef, croissant bun) or some herb brioche crusted fish and chips made by executive chef Jason Hice, who was most recently at Nana before it turned into steakhouse.

The BBC has several different seating areas. Anyone can be comfortable here. There are two patios: one in the front and one in the back. The front patio is good for people-watching, but the back patio has this little fire contraption machine you can sit around in a big camp circle. It’s like going to the woods, but not really. I asked the BBC people if they were going to have s’mores. Disappointingly, they said no, but I have a good feeling if enough of you bug them, they’ll change their minds. Maybe.

The front bar (left); Franziskaner Hefe-Welzen beer with toasted brioche, beer tartar, and deviled egg dressing (right)

Towards the corner of the front room, there’s a stage where DJs and live bands can come and entertain you. Don’t you feel lucky? And there are TVs, too, so you’ll never be bored. Not with football playing the background.

Besides, the food that Jason Hice has planned will probably keep you busy enough. He’s got all the British staples on his menu and more. There are scotch eggs (hard-boiled quail eggs), beer steamed mussels, and bangers and mash. And he also has all the pie your heart could ever desire, all in one dish. Shepherd’s pie, cottage pie, and chicken and mushroom pie. You’ll feel very British (if you’re not already) after you finish eating at the BBC. It’s guaranteed.

Communal tables
The BBC burger (left); Chef Jason Hice (right)
Red and white quinoa, mixed green wtih radishes, dried cranberries, white asparagus, white balsamic vinaigrette, and cucumber
A real British lamp for a real British place.



  • er… not a British lamp. In Britain all plugs have three pins.

  • Officially Excited! Thanks for sharing Carol.

  • Steve

    Is the staff composed of arrogant assholes like Common Table?

  • Cody

    @Steve– As one of the staff, I can say that everyone is quite friendly, and I’m excited to have a new hangout… when I’m not working. Come on down and check it out. The menu is excellent.

  • Mike

    Looks really great and I can’t wait to try it but in no way is the inside like a traditional London Pub. It’s more like what London is replacing the traditional pubs with. But that’s OK.

    And I’m with Steve, I sure hope it’s the direct opposite of the Common DB Table.

  • Scagnetti

    This is making my Tennent’s Lager pants go crazy.

  • PDUB

    Looks like it could be a fun atmosphere…Not big on communal tables… cant stand obnoxious randoms walking up and bringing their other similarly characteristic pups with them..hoarding the tables. IMO Is the drinking age lowered as well..i do believe its 17 in london- lol will have to swing thru, the carrots look amazing-

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