• Annie

    According to Yelp, this place has the same owners at Thai Express, which closed a few months ago, but planned would reopen in a new location. I guess this is their new place! Super excited to try it since Thai Express was my favorite Thai place in Dallas!

  • Annie

    And I see they are still next to a liquor store lol…

  • joeat

    But, this location scares me as nothing has ever made it as it is almost hidden. It was originally a Greek Taverna restaurant and has been so many things since. I really want these people to make it, this just may not be the best location.

  • twinwillow

    And, just across the street in plain view is the Green Papaya. Which IMHO, is not even close to being authentic Vietnamese or, Thai.

  • Cellarmaster

    Nancy, ok I have a complaint. We live in a digital world where the first thing I do now is look for a company’s website. Si Lom dallas has the same “coming soon” that Stampede 66 has. Do restaurant folks not think that a fully functional website is important? Surely they have menus set and enough information to fill out an “about us section” and “location/hours/contact us”. Welcome to 2012. Should I hand write my letter of complaint and send it US postal servicvel for a response?