Pho Colonial in Downtown Dallas is Closed on Weekends

Our downtown dwelling employee reports she can no longer get her favorite chicken fried rice from Pho Colonial on the weeks. When she stopped in last night to pick up an order, the manager told her they are now closed on the weekends.


  • Courtney

    And they have limited the delivery area, so now I’m out too.

  • Sparky

    After the location at Frankford and the Tollway closed, this can’t be a good sign.

  • john

    so maybe it isn’t so much as a result of downtown not supporting them on weekends that they are cutting their hours, as it is that their restaurants in general are just not doing well.

  • lakewoodhobo

    The quality of the place as gone downhill, unfortunately. I wish they would’ve designed the space with a semi-outdoor bar like Oddfellows (Oak Cliff) and Union Bear (West Village); at least that way people can enjoy some sake or beer in a unique setting even if the kitchen is slow.

  • Glenn Campbell

    Whenever Khan Dao is involved in an operation, it normally fails after some financial controversy and chicanery involving her.

  • Krista

    I’ve rooted for Pho Colonial to work downtown since before it opened. There were so many issues in the beginning that I almost gave up on it. (Long, ridiculous waits, weird ordering method, sometimes rude employees.) Then they worked some things out. (Love everyone who works there now, simplified menu, shorter wait times.)
    However, there are still issues. Whenever I get chicken fried rice to go, I never know what size of an order I’ll get. Sometimes it’s big enough to split with my husband, sometimes I’m left wishing for more. And now I don’t know when it’s open. If this place goes, I’ll be very sad. I love having them in my building.

  • Sami

    I can actually agreed that the place has gone down hill since the beginning of the year – It is my understanding that the other partner, Silva, has been managing the place via someone name Teena Le; an Asian “chick” that also works at Capital One Bank. Ever since this tumultuous coup d’etat the place has gone to many changes that are almost amounting to a shut-down; including the quality of meat to a lower grade, change in management, and even the prices have gone up. Now to this closing on the weekend is a sign that whomever is currently running the place doesn’t know what they are doing. Silva and his clones keep on confusing us, At least i can say that when Ms. Dao was running the place it was more organized, the quality of goods were “super” and the service was better.

  • Jerry

    First, as to the comment by lakewoodhobo, there are always two sides to an issue. Having a “partner” once upon a time, I can assure you what is a blatant fact to one party, is specious, untrue to another. I have known Ms. Dao for many years. She operates her stores with quality and service as her main concerns. As a creative force, she is excellent. As a judge of people, perhaps not so good. Do I know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, probably not but as had been said by someone, “Let Him Who is Without Sin Among you be the First to Throw a Stone at her.”


    When Khanh was there everything ran good.I was never disappointed in the service or food.Maybe Silva should have left and let Khanh takeover?

  • Carlos Ward

    I enjoy the restaurant and Khan Dao has introduced a number of innovative restaurant/food experiences to Dallas in the last decade or two.