Paul Pinnell is Out as GM of Max’s Wine Dive

This just in:

As of Saturday, October 13, Paul Pinnell is no longer with Max’s Wine Dive.  The team at Lasco Enterprises and MAX’s Wine Dive wishes him well.

“Paul was essential in putting together the Max’s Wine Dive opening team and played a large part in having such a successful
opening.  We wish Paul the best in his future endeavors.  We have begun our search for a new GM in accordance with our
company’s philosophy, objectives and core values,” said Rick Van Pelt, President of Lasco Enterprises.

Mark Cotton will be the interim General Manager while the Lasco team conducts a search for a replacement.  In the meantime,
the company reports that the MAX’s staff in the restaurant is strong, the kitchen is humming and business has been excellent
since opening last month.


I just spoke with Rick Van Pelt, President of Lasco Enterprises. “Paul did an exceptional job to get open. And wish him the best,” he said. Yep, that’s it. Well, he did say Max’s has been slammed since they opened the door and they have at least 18 servers on the floor most of the time. He is bringing in help from Austin because the Dallas location of Max’s Wine Dive is already the biggest in the group. Perhaps Paul’s experience in fine dining wasn’t a good fit for the madness of Max’s. But that is just my thought.



  • aren’t all values “core values” ?

  • Mike

    I assume their core values are running food and drinks to drunken d-b’s and that does not line up with Paul’s.

  • Zac

    Max’s is great! Paul is great. Too bad it didn’t work out.

  • Anon

    My guess would be a bit too much bubbly consumption, to go along with the fried chicken (of course). The ‘other half’ will be out soon too; I would bet money on it… Everyone come out of the woodwork and criticize my anon comment all you want. Then re-read this post in a few months…

  • YesSir

    LOL, I love it. “The Other Half”. Yeah, only a few of us are going to know what that means but I could not agree more. Only a matter of time.