Nothing to do With Food: The Pooper Scooper

Photography by John Gay.

I’m not posting this because the author sits beside me in the office, I am posting it because it occurred to me that many of you may not read our print product, D Magazine. This month, Krista Nightengale wrote a story about the PooPrints program. What is the PooPrints program? I’m glad you asked. The PooPrints program is designed for high-density residential areas such as condos and apartments. Here’s how it works:

All dogs and owners are interviewed when they sign leases. When a resident with a pet signs a lease, the dog’s cheek is swabbed. This sample is sent to the BioPet Vet Lab in Tennessee, which extracts the dog’s DNA and keeps it on file. When a waste sample is found [on premise], Welch [the manager] puts it in a container with enzymes, shakes until it’s the consistency of a “milkshake slurry,” and sends it to the lab. Within five days, the DNA is analyzed, and, with 99.9 percent certainty, the culprit is identified.

And fined. Big time. Krista shadows the manager when he confronts a guilty owner.



  • MCC

    The manager at Ilume is just begging to get his complex/parent company sued. I know one basically gives away all their rights when a TRLA is signed, but I’d highly doubt there’s any recourse for a landlord to remove an animal for non-payment of this specific poop fine – which the author admitted at the end of the article. Threaten to kick out the resident (and therefore, the animal) for non-payment in the normal course of eviction, yes, absolutely. I wonder if they’re putting this in their pet addendums now and how that verbage would stand up to the test of a court.

  • allison

    I believe the manager is the same guy who was on “Big Brother” a few seasons ago. That guy was a NIGHTMARE on the show and had a few shady stories told about him on Frontburner due to the show’s spotlight. Needless to say (assuming I’m correct that it’s the same guy), it’s not surprising this is coming from him.

  • Brent D.

    There should be these same test on smokers and cigarette butts.

  • Thank you everyone for taking an interest in this environmental health issue. Great feedback and input. Please allow me to help dispel any conspiracy theory rumors that PooPrints wants your DNA to clone your your pet. Not true. Lets also dispel any rumors we are Big Brother, or that we are part of anything related to such a topic. This is a very serious issue. Just speak with your local councilman or woman who invited PooPrints to the Dallas City Council to speak on this issue. Just speak to anyone within your Trinity River Stormwater Department. They have been advocating for years that Dallas pet owners need to pick up behind their pets. Walk down Katy Trail or visit your local parks not to mention whats already happening to the $25,000,000 worth of new parks in the downtown area that are already seeing poop being left behind. The city estimates that with the 1.8 millions dogs registered in the city, 900,000 pounds of poop is hitting the ground daily. Based on these numbers they are now finding traces of bacteria directly linked to dog fecal matter in the stormwater systems which this is a warning that the next place it will end up is in the drink water and water supply. Dallas and other cities continue to spend tax payer money on creating laws that they will never even attempt to enforce. (Code Sec 7-4.8 & Ordinance 26024) Dallas is not collecting on millions of dollars that could be collected on fines for violators and pet owners that do not registered yearly. PooPrints is the solution to irresponsible pet owners and cleaning up the environment. As for the legal aspects. Pets are not a protected class. Our product has passed all USDA legal requirements plus we give all of our clients the turnkey form letters to notify residents of lease changes, homeowner association pet policy changes and common area pet policy changes for community parks. Our product started with breed identification and we work closely with all the major AKC International Pet Shows due to we are one of the primary firms identifying the breed lines for all the pets in the show. We provide everything you need turnkey to get started. You will improve your community by keeping your pet stations and common areas clean and increase revenue by now finally having the tools to fine violators or irresponsible pet owners. Just imagine if the City of Dallas would enforce this law. If we took 10% of the daily 900,000 pounds of possibly violators multiple that by $50 to $150 which is the city ordnance fine amount this would have significant positive affect on the city budget. We also have 1.8 million dogs registered and Dallas as no method of yearly checking that all these pets registered yearly. That’s 1.8 million multiplied by $30.00 to $50.00 per registered animal Dallas is missing out on annually. All dogs would be in the system and when the public works staff are cleaning up the parks they can take a sample of any dog poop left behind and send the violator a fine in the mail similar to that of a red light camera. This process will also ensure that all pets in Dallas City Limits are registered and if not when City Official see non registered dogs without proper tags to identify your animal has been registered and has its proper shots this will keep us, our parks and environment safer. Plus the benefits we offer the pet owner are endless please review all the discounts and improved security features that come with registering your pet with The World Pet Registry. or call us 1-855-693-3927 Thanks again and I hope this help answers any questions or concerns.