Matthew McCallister’s FT33 is Opening on October 13

Matt McCallister is finally opening his new chef-driven restaurant, FT33, on Saturday, October 13. It’s official. The wait is over! Now we can all go back to our caves and wait for Saturday to come. The sooner, the better.


  • Can’t wait!!! Have done quite a few events with Matt and his cooking is nothing short of absolutely superb.

  • Veritas Customer

    Brooks I am a good customer of yours and this kid is the biggest tool on the planet.This has to to be the most HYPED up opening of all-time. I have sat next to him at your wine bar at least 5 times and have had to listen to him talk about himself for an hour or so straight unbelievable.I can’t wait to the first night he and his wife go at it in front of a full restaurant. Should be interesting.

  • roberta

    @veritas customer, you don’t know s***.

  • Slappy Kielbasa

    I concur with Roberta.

  • Stephanie

    Matt and Iris are lovely people who deserve all of their success. Congrats to Matt on his opening.

  • Foie devil

    Why do all the successfully chefs in this town have so many haters. You are good at what you do and people like you so I dislike you? Come on Dallas keep your ignorant uninformed comments to your self.

  • Jesus Christ

    @ Foie It is just Tesar going after another chef again. Douche.

  • Nana

    At JC, you just proved foie’s statement. You are ignorant and uninformed.

  • Giggles

    A restaurant is never successful because one person can cook. It takes a team.

  • Giggles

    And, success in a restaurant is never measured by how busy it is or how quickly it expands to multiple units. But whether it pays off its bank loans and/or returns to investors their capital plus the vig.

  • InsideEdition

    Ive never heard about Matt NcCallister. What are the other places he has done ?

  • rotibunni

    Oh, you have heard of him “InsideEdition.” Don’t be silly. Just google him. He has worked with some of the top chef’s in the country and most recently had a permanent post at Pyles.
    Come on people, let’s not hate before we eat!

  • Giggles

    @rotibunni. Check his resume. Most recently he had a short term gig at Campo. But I agree, let’s not judge before we try, or in other words, don’t be like this:

  • …andthenisaid