Love Shack in Denton Closes, Turns Into a Steakhouse

Once upon a time, when life was good, there were three Love Shacks. Now there is only one. Bad news has hit the streets of Denton: the second remaining Love Shack said its final goodbye to gourmet burgers yesterday. Tim Love’s burger place posted on its Facebook wall:

Dear Love Shack fans,

As of today, October 29th 2012, the Love Shack Denton location is permanently closed. After 18 months of business, Chef Tim Love has decided to redesign and renovate the space which will open as a brand new concept in early 2013.

Please direct all questions to [email protected]

Thank you for your dedicated support and patronage, and we look forward to seeing you at Tim’s new concept!’s Bud Kennedy has the scoop on what’s happening. Love plans to turn his spot into a high-end steakhouse.



  • FortWorthGuy

    Supposedly TL is to open a new Love Shack here in Cowtown on Bulebonnet Circle. Technically this is a relocated one, relocated from the South 7th area

  • DentonGuy

    I generally try not to shit on people via the internet, BUT as a Dentonite who LOVES hamburgers I was extremely excited for a new “gourmet” burger place to open in Denton. I was also excited people were continuing to show a culinary interest in opening restaurants in Denton.

    Love Shack sucked. Compared to other food in Denton it was overpriced and offering a burger with a quail egg on it does not make it gourmet. It seemed half assed and clearly didn’t understand its demographic. It would regularly have HORRIBLE live bands from outside of Denton instead of booking one of the hundreds of local musicians.

    Tim Love clearly doesn’t understand Denton is different than Dallas or Fort Worth, and we are proud of that fact. We are much smaller and a much tighter knit community because of that. Laying off all of your employees (most of which are college students) without warning doesn’t go over well here. I understand thats completely normal for many large restaurant chains, but thats not what Love Shack was.

    Maybe after his “high-end steakhouse” idea fails after 18 months he will realize the restaurants that do well here are ones that offer quality food at reasonable prices, and have a lot of vegetarian and alternative diet options. They also actively take part in the Denton community. The type of restaurants that do well in Austin do well here. Not the type that do well in Dallas.

    We would love to have you Tim Love. We would love for you to use your talents and intelligence to create a restaurant that makes sense in our town. But your name wasn’t enough to keep people interested here, and now you have dug yourself into a hole. So, best of luck to you and hopefully it works out for everyone. If not, could we please have your prime location for someone who cares?

  • Irodguy

    I just cannot imagine that Denton has the demographic for a high end steakhouse. Denton is at heart a town that must cater to it’s student populations. While there are a few great restaurants at a higher price point they are few and far between.

  • Edward

    Of all the places to open a Love Shack, Denton just doesn’t seem high on the list. Nothing against Denton, but it just doesn’t seem to be a “fit” in any way, shape or form.

    Something like Love Shack has Colleyville and Grapevine written all over it.

    Hopefully someday we will get a Shake Shack and none of this will matter anymore…..

  • Dentonite

    @DentonGuy, could not have said it better! The bands were way crappy and out of town… how does that work??

    I don’t get the “concept” of a stripped down menu with pricey options either. There is no need to reinvent a cheeseburger or charge $5.50 for some onion rings… quail egg? who cares…

    I did like that patio space, but with all the metal inside it was hard to hear a conversation. The industrial design would be more suited to downtown Dallas…. felt cold and cookie-cutter.

    Love Shack was like a French designer jeans store trying to setup shop at a rodeo… maybe if he was ever there he could’ve changed things around.

    My bet is that the high-end steak joint is fail too. I will give it a try though.

  • Deb

    Wow, this is a shock as I was just there last weekend.. the burger was good with the bacon, quail egg and all but honestly nothing to really rave about… either way I wish them all the best on the new concept