Love Letters from Dallas Food Trucks to the Arts District’s Veletta Lill

Amazing Progress in the Dallas Arts District

On September 19th, a collective “oh, nooooooo” went up from the many food truck owner/operators who have parked in the Dallas Arts District.  On that date, it was announced that their leader, their protector, their mentor, Veletta Forsythe Lill, the Executive Director of the Arts District would leave after her post. Lill spent the last four years overseeing significant changes in the Arts District. She also spent eight years on Dallas City Council.  Since the food trucks first started showing up in the Arts District in mid-2011, Ms. Lill has carefully vetted each one to ensure that visitors were receiving the highest quality fare.  I’ve seen her work tirelessly, even during vacations, to ensure agreements among the food trucks, permits departments, and Dallas City Hall.

I thought Executive Director to revitalize the Dallas Farmer’s Market would be a great new challenge for Ms. Lill.  Jump for Love Letters from a few of the food truck owners, where Randy Wolken pleads for Mayor Lill.

She provided us shelter from the harsh City Ordinances and fought off unruly Health Inspectors that wanted to harm us. She gave us a beautiful home surrounded by capitivating art and architecture so we can feel safe to spread our foodtruck wings and soar. She is our VOICE, our Warrior, our Protector, our Foodtruck Den Mother. She is Veletta Forsythe Lill, Super Hero! And we LOVE her and will miss her dearly!

Teena Nguyen and Gary Torres from Nammi Truck

Veletta and I met when I did not know what I was going to do for parking the truck. I was one of the first to park in the Arts District, so we developed a strong relationship and she was always there for me. She is the best friend the food trucks have ever had and not just from a place to park standpoint, but a great person to bounce ideas off of and always was there with a solution for any issues I had. I will miss her greatly and will always be there for her in any endeavor age chooses. Mayor Veletta Lill??? Hope so!

Randy Wolken, CEO — Wolken Restaurant Group, LLC

Veletta Lill is a lady of persistence, dedication and loyalty. She has a heart the size of Texas and was always available to talk, schedule or combat a problem food trucks were facing.  If it was not for her drive and caring heart, the presence of Food Trucks throughout the DFW area would not be as prevalent as it is and owners would not be as successful as they are.  enticed will forever be grateful for her taking the time to really get to know us, not only as food truck owners, but as people.  No matter who it was, she always has wanted and still to this day wants each and every food truck to be successful and do well for themselves.  She gave all of us a chance to build and grow our businesses and still provides many opportunities for us to do that.  We wish her the greatest amount of happiness as this chapter closes and a new one starts for her!  She will be very missed.”

Sydney and Lauren from enticed :: gourmet mobile shaved ice

We (the entire Dallas food truck community) are forever indebted to Veletta for her support and the incredible opportunities she’s created for us. For Easy Slider, The Arts District is where we were able to establish our presence and truly develop our business. The fact that Veletta recognized the potential for our small businesses to create an incredibly unique experience in the middle of downtown Dallas is indicative of the type of person she is. She possesses a forward-thinking vision that any city would be lucky to have.
Miley and Caroline of Easy Slider

Veletta is a remarkable woman. We love her so much that we named our Valentine’s Day Cupcake after her.  The red hot cinnamon red velvet cake, appropriately  named “Veletta”,  fit her to a tee.   Veletta is bold.  She is determined.  She is spicy hot but with the most wonderful & genuine sweetness. .  “Veletta” is the “V” in victory for Dallas food trucks!   Trailercakes will be forever grateful to Veletta Lill for all of her support & passion. Congrats & lots of love with extra frosting on top!

“Bubbles” & the gals at Trailercakes

It saddened our hearts when we heard the news, she was on e of the most important factors in the mobile food movement across the metroplex!

Hunter Johnson and Jessica Smith from City Street Grille

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for supporting the Gourmet food trucks of Dallas.  Without your vision and hard work we would not have achieved the community and government support that we now all enjoy.  We owe much of our success to you.  It is people like you with vision and passion that drive the improvement of our community. You are truly a work of art.

Jack from JacksChowhound.

Regardless if a food trucker has personally met Veletta they have certainly felt the impact of her hard work, advocacy and passion. Everyone of us, Fort Worth included, will have her name written on each of our success stories.

Megan and Christina, Good Karma Kitchen

Veletta, thanks for getting my strange sense of humor… And letting us ‘roll’ in the Arts District! Best wishes for your new adventure whatever it may be.

Tenielle and Cheryl Crazy Fish crazies.


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