Klyde Warren Park Announces Two New Restaurants, Savor and Relish, and Executive Chef John Coleman

Just in time for cool October nights, Klyde Warren Park in Dallas.

In July, when we announced restaurateur Shannon Wynne’s plans to open Lark on the Park, we also uncovered the name of the investor behind the “official” restaurant to operate at the park which will officially open October 27 with a Polyphonic Spree concert. John Muse, partner and chairman of HM Capital Partners and a member of the Woodall Rogers Park Foundation, is partnering with chef John Coleman, formerly the executive chef and director of food and beverage at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Dallas, to create and operate Savor.

Savor won’t be open for at least six months, but in late October or early November, Coleman will debut Relish, a food truck dedicated to solving the “common burger problem” by creating burger combinations with the ingredients mixed into the patty and grilled. Relish will eventually evolve into the park’s permanent, casual-food kiosk which is scheduled to open in mid-2013.

Muse and Coleman decided Savor would be a gastropub with “emphasis on fresh food and a shared experience.” The restaurant’s revenue will help support the operation of the Park. The exterior of  6,000-square foot restaurant pavilion and the performance pavillion, constructed through private donations, was designed by architect Thomas Phifer. Bill Johnson of The Johnson Studios in Atlanta is designing the restaurant’s interior which will include floor-to-ceiling glass walls, skylights to capture the changing light, and a sculpted ceiling designed to give the appearance of “sitting lightly” on the walls. Savor will have 320 seats, some of which will be in the covered patio.

This morning I spoke with John Coleman, an avid hiker and rock climber, to get some details on the food vibe of the project.

Coleman, 45, has spent 23 years with Ritz-Carlton hotels. “I was on the pre-opening team of the Ritz here in Dallas and have been there for five and a half years,” he said. “So far I’ve opened 14 to 18 hotels across the United States and also worked F&B in Tokyo and the Middle East.”

Coleman’s wife, Kat, is an interior designer. She worked with John Muse’s wife. The two John’s knew each other for several years before Muse submitted Coleman’s name to the park’s restaurant committee. Muse recused himself from the voting. Happy ending: Coleman was tapped with the job and is now in the process of opening his first independent restaurant.

“I hate the term kiosk, but when Relish becomes permanent, I would like to create a space like Café du Monde where people can sit outside with coffee and pastry and have a nice morning,” Coleman said. Until then, Relish, the food truck, will serve relish burgers: Coleman mixes varieties of relish or chow chow into the meat, grills them, and serves them in a bun baked by Village Baking Company.

After Coleman told me Savor would seat 320 diners and special event space, I asked if the crazy comings and goings of restaurants in the nearby One Arts Plaza concerned him. “I think they were ahead of their time,” Coleman said. “And our place has a different setting. We have a green space and we anchor Uptown.”

The menu for Savor is still in the vetting process. Coleman spent a lot of time traveling through Europe when he was younger and he spent a lot of time in pubs. “I understand a pub is a community space,” Coleman said. “I love to create with an innkeepers mindset. It’s about creating a social center At Savor you come in and have fun. It will be the living room of the community.”

Savor is under construction and is scheduled to open “in about six months.”


UPPITY DATE: First problem I see with the name of the restaurant. Savor. Dallas. Hmmm.



  • Park Fan

    Add to the Uppity Date:

    I also see the problem with the name. Savor Dallas as an event is already established in Dallas Arts District programming activity. Why would would anyone seek to infringe on that name/concept in the community? It’s amazing. People with so much money can’t come up with an original idea/concept? Somebody please help them….. It’s still early to keep that conflict from occuring.

  • Carpe Diem

    Aren’t there already two Savour restaurants up in Allen and Plano? Although a different spelling the pronunciation is the same.

  • cb_foodie

    Second problem – parking.

  • H.D.

    There’s a “Savour” on the Tollway in north Dallas: http://www.savourkitchen.net/#!home/mainPage

    Haven’t been there, just drive by every day on my commute.

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  • I’m happy for them, hopefully the name will work out. Maybe they could pick something that is in context to the Park, like Shannon’s idea. Do we know what the parking sitch will be down there?

  • allison

    I second cb_foodie. I don’t live within walking distance. Where would I park?

  • Stacy

    They need help in realizing Dallas is more diverse than grilled meats and mix-in burgers. They will lose an entire group of people who is vegetarian and vegan. Please get a clue.

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  • LJT

    “…creating burger combinations with the ingredients mixed into the patty and grilled.” Makes me think of a carniverous version of Cold Stone Creamery. Folding mushrooms, cheese, jalapenos, etc into a big ol’ honking scoop of meat.
    And for the love of GOD people – there are thousands of parking spots within walking distance of the park. Might be tight on a weekday, but not impossible and a breeze on weekends. You might have to walk a couple of blocks, but isn’t that what being outside is about? Next thing you know people will be complaining the park doesn’t offer valet parking!

  • Bobby Ewing

    Where will the valet parking be located?

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  • Dunc

    I’m with Stacy. Huge untapped vegan/veggie market out there.

  • Meat lover

    Please people. You haven’t even seen the menu, but you are already complaining that vegans and vegetarians are being ignored. That kind of attitude is why most of the people can’t stand your kind. That, and you smell funny because you don’t eat meat.

  • JI

    A vegan is telling someone else to get a clue? Now THAT is funny!

  • Incestual Food Scene

    Sigh. Clyde is going to flame out much like Victory. No parking and bad planning will make it disappear quickly Despite a big hoo ha at the opening. Why do our money changers show how much they hate Dallas by throwing money at it?

    On a different note, we need a marketing company to solve the “common restaurant naming problem.” May I suggest the next “gastropub” be named something like Turd, Roach or Botchalism? Surely it will be street food meets just-like-my-fake-southern-aunt-made meets total ripoff of food trend in NYC or L.A. meets past-his-prime-local chef who “aggressively seasons” their food.

  • Sam

    I’m looking forward to them opening

  • Peter M

    I can’t see this working. Or, it will be big in the first year before the hoopla dies down.

  • Daniel

    In the excitement about the opening of the new park, it’s easy to forget that ongoing maintenance has been left largely unfunded. But we need not worry about that anymore! The margins mix-in burgers will easily cover it.

  • Peter M


    That statement could also apply to Victory, the Trinity Parks and the Arts District.

  • niceguytx

    Park maintenance has NOT been left unfunded. The Park will be operated by the private foundation who helped build it. They have ongoing sources of funding far beyond burger sales.

    And not a good comparison to Victory Park by the way. Park is well-designed with extensive programming panned that will keep people coming day in and day out…

  • Peter M


    How much in funding is currently available? What are those ongoing revenue streams? The park grounds are well designed. It will be beautiful. Access to it and residencies near it are not.

  • Justin Beam

    Chef Coleman is truly a class act; a first class person, one heck of a leader, and he can cook his b&lls off. I for one wish him, John Muse, and everyone else involved with the project much fortune and success!

  • Hannah

    Great people involved, but it’s too bad this area and the Arts District are built to fail. I give it 18 months max before closing or at least a major concept change,