Into Shelley’s Belly: The Coffee and Granola at Legal Grounds

The Contempt of Court (photos by Matt Shelley)

In my twenties I lived with a young vampire east of Italy, Texas. In some of the most heated battles over our lovesick differences, we came to the conclusion that a riddling philosophical rift beset our passion. The vampire believed his people’s origins were born out of medieval blood barons kidnapping Wiccans and sacrificing them to their own gods, and out of revenge, the Wicca gods made them vampires to suffer in eternity. Sure. The reality is that they are spawned from attorneys. Well, this battle often led to me getting bit and Mahon, as was his name, going underground to sleep for several days. Fidelity waned but we could always find our common ground with food. Yes, vampires can eat, and for some reason Mahon always loved this little spot in Lakewood called Legal Grounds. I shall now impart upon you a small preview into the fantastic enchantments spawned from this charming little café.

The Diane, Cory Cake amazement

Legal Grounds hosts a delectable cadre of coffee and café eats to please the casual hipster or the uptight legal folk alike. With menu puns hitting harder than a Jack Nicholson gut punch, the possibilities are endless. I started off with a hazelnut, milky coffee drink called the “Contempt of Court.” Subtle and still tastefully coffee-esque, its strength is in its restraint. Not too sweet and not to strong, but giving enough lift as to expect from a caffeinated drink. The friendly chalkboard menu behind the counter is inviting and playful, and there is plenty of room for a party full of patrons. Coziness and sophistication play a tempting hand in this establishment’s style.

Now, let us continue deeper into the gulliver. I ordered the Diane, one of Cory’s Cakes topped with Legal Ground’s famous, homemade granola. There is a hint of chocolate in the granola, a flawlessly balanced crunch and a wonderful touch of sweetness that compliments the hearty pancake, aka the Cory Cake, with perfection. The strawberry and banana cuts that come with also delight the palette with every bite. I like to prepare a triple-decker bite and let my taste buds run wild. The scrambled eggs go well without taking away and add a nice, salty richness to the plate. My partner ordered the breakfast sandwich with egg, bacon and cheese on an everything-bagel. Soft, supple and simple, the sandwich tickled all my favorite fancies. It’s not gourmet, but it’s a beautifully pressed panini style sandwich and happily suitable for a morning meal. If you have any money leftover, grab a bag of the granola that they sell by the pound to take home. Once your fingers start dipping, it’s hard to stop.

Breakfast Bagel Sandwich, simple majesty (left); Get your read on, if you're into that
Casual coolness of coffee and goodies
Legal books all along the walls (left); delicious homemade granola in pound pouches (right)



  • Matt, Thank you so much for visiting our cafe’ and for your very kind review. Especially great were your choices of photos.

    Kimmy Wright