Go Ahead and Ask: Anthony Bourdain Might Answer Your Question

Anthony Bourdain, John Tesar, and The Brad (photo by Elizabeth Lavin)

Mr. Bourdain, as you all know, will be in town on November 9 to shower us with his witty presence. His good friend Eric Ripert will also be joining him inside Bass Hall in Fort Worth to work the crowd.

Lucky for all you SideDish readers, the nice people of the Travel Channel have scheduled a conference call for me and Uncle Nancy tomorrow. We haven’t even begun brainstorming what questions to throw at the Bourdain man. Oops. I blame it on the deadlines.

We definitely can’t do this by ourselves. 50 heads are better than two, right? Let’s make this a team effort. Write whatever burning question you’ve been meaning to ask Anthony down in the comments below. We’re going to pick the best ones to ask him midday tomorrow, and then we’ll post the answers in another post.



  • InsideEdition

    Ask him if he likes Brenner or Uncle Nancy best.

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  • Don

    Ask the guys if they have tried any wines from the “other 46.”

  • Are cowboy boots really all that comfortable?

  • or maybe
    Where does a badass like you really call home in Manhattan these days?

  • Lori

    Now that No Reservations is ending, will there be another television show in the works? What would eat for your last meal? Is there any place you wanted to showcase No Reservations that did not make the cut?

  • Darren

    Ask him to select 5 ingredients to go in the appetizer basket for an episode of Chopped

  • D’oh!

  • @Darren – good one

  • viv hitchman

    will you marry me???

  • Ask Mr. Bourdain what his impression of Dallas food is and would he consider showing up in Dallas to try some of our fine new chefs.

  • jam

    Please ask Mr. Bourdain this:

    Your travels and culinary exploits are amazing but I’m most interested in your writing. Get Jiro was a great comic and I loved the books you’ve written. Will your impending network move give you more time to write? What can we expect from you on the literary front?

  • jonny

    why do you feel the need to showcase your wife and her ridiculous fighting on an episode of a season in which you decry clip shows as a waste of time?