Giveaway: Two Season Passes to the State Fair of Texas

Christi Erpillo of The Dock restaurant has been kind enough to give me two season passes to the State Fair of Texas. Usually, these passes are for employees, but she’s made a very special exception here. With these magical passes, you can get into the fair for free and every day until the Fair closes. Didn’t like Erpillo’s fried Samoas the first time? Go again. And again. And again.

To enter this giveaway, just state your favorite thing about the State Fair. (Please keep your comments clean.) I’ll enter all your names randomly into a drawing and pick a winner by 5 p.m. today. You can either come to our office to pick up the tickets or we can mail them to you. You pick.


  • Nick

    My favorite thing about the state fair is the great opportunity to see my Sooner beat up on the Longhorns.

  • Chuck

    My favorite thing about the State Fair of Texas is the Texas Rats!

  • Rob

    Fletcher’s Corn Dogs

  • Lori

    My favorite thing about the Texas State Fair is the memories I have from attending as a child and the salt water taffy.

  • lizet enriquez

    What I love the most about the fair.. I would say the rides and getting to have some fun time with my son 🙂 he love getting on the kiddie rides!!!

  • JT

    My favorite thing about the Texas State Fair are Fletcher’s Corny Dogs!

  • Fletcher’s Corny Dogs, hands down

  • Dave

    The cinnamon rolls in the Tower Building! The best anywhere!

  • Martin

    I would say the car show, trying the newest fried foods and the light show. The kids love the baby animals the best.

  • Jim


    Well… maybe Fiber.

  • C’mon now…two words: pig races.

  • BIG TEX is my favorite thing about the fair…and fried EVERYTHING! I like the Midway Barker guy…he has always freaked me out…Football! Games! FOOOOOOOOD!

  • Robert

    Corny. Dogs. Duh.

  • Katherine

    Funnel Cake!!!

  • mark

    The Butter Sculpture and low priced Texas products in the GO TEXAN building


    Figuring out with a group of friends where the best fried foods are =]

  • My favorite thing is gorging yourself beyond belief on fried heavenly goodness then riding a swirly ride only to get nauseous enough to make more room for another Fletcher’s corny dog.

  • Sofie T.

    Corny dogs + funnel cake

  • The infamous ferris wheel of course! And the mounds of greasy, crispy fried food is obvious.

  • Lexie

    My absolute favorite thing about the Fair is the people watching. No other event in Dallas provides the absolute draw-dropping parade of cleavage, butt cracks, big hair, color blocking, and craziness!! I LOVE IT!!!! 🙂

  • Marcus

    Fletcher’s, everything else is secondary.

  • Darrell Loden

    Living directly across the street and eating dinner there. Every night.

  • Karen Habbestad

    I love photographing farm animals at the Fair. Also enjoy people watching and nibbling on a few bites here & there.

  • Amy

    Fletcher’s corn dogs and people-watching

  • Brenda

    My favorite thing about the fair is everything.

  • Thuy

    fried foods – especially the jalapeno fletchers corny dog ::drool::

  • Vivienne Truong

    Corn dogs, lemonade, & all things fried.

  • Amy Anderson

    I have never been to the state fair but if I was dreaming for a second I would say riding a Farris wheel with someone you truly care about and getting to the very top, high enough to see the beautiful sun set and sharing a romantic kiss or hug. It would leave butterflies in my stomach. Today is my 21 birthday, twenty one year’s ago today I was brought into this world. I have had a challanging life. My ten year old brother was hit by a car while ridding his bike at a friend’s house,April 2011 I watched him on his death bed as they told my mother in four days she would need to make let him go and take him off life support. The day before we had to do that he twitched a arm. They could no longer reject him and everyday we work with him to get him back to order. Itwould be nice to get some free time on my birthday. I have helped my mother everyday because she is a struggling single mother in a rough position. Looking on the positive side I’m finally 21!

  • David

    My favorite thing about the State Fair is our annual photo op with my son next to the “Live Giant Alligator” sign. That’s how we measure the boy’s growth. Hope that attraction keeps returning.

  • John

    My favorite thing over the past two years is attending an OU/Texas game where OU leaves a smoking hole for what used to be the Horns fan section. Oh, and attending with my kids…they love the animals and food!

  • JG

    Best part is all of the fried parts.

  • Monique

    Pig races. Bar none.

  • Casey

    I love the State Fair!! It’s the perfect way to celebrate the fall season in Texas 🙂 I look forward to it every year!

  • Katie

    jalapeno corn dog!

  • Dorie Seher

    The food, big tex, everything!

  • Kelly

    The rides! And the salt water taffy.

  • D

    This is easy. Feeding the little giraffe.

  • maryalice

    i love that on a whole – the civility that the love of the state fair can bring between very varied groups. — rarely do you have such a large group be so respectful – thank you’s – pardon me’s etc — seems those who love the state fair are all bonded somehow. — we always end up chatting / laughing with complete strangers. — where in normal every day life – complete strangers are ignored — it’s the power of big tex – he’s magic.

  • I am not Big Tex

    The very, very creepy Big Tex.

  • Casey

    My wife and I making our own rankings of the Big Tex Award winners.

  • pan dade

    The best thing i like about the State Fair is to see people come together (no matter race/background/religion) to enjoy themselves .

  • Alex

    Gotta be the corn dogs.

  • Evan

    I’d be lying if I didn’t say the food (a corn dog, some fried alligator, and a little of whatever is new for this year), but a trip to the fair (or several, in this case!) wouldn’t be complete without riding the Ferris Wheel.

  • Amg anda D

    Without exception is the dog show. Who doesn’t want to see a cute trained pooch in a tutu driving a mini-mini cooper and then jumping through a ring of fire?!

  • M

    The YUMMY and random FOOD!!

  • Cece

    People watching!

  • Hayden

    Deep fried jambalaya
    Bacon cinnamon roll
    Fried cactus bites
    Fried picnic on a stick
    Fried mac ‘n’ cheese sliders
    Fried pork wings
    Fried Kitty-Kat
    Fried cow patty
    Fried cotton candy
    Fried sugar
    West Texas fried apple pie
    Deep fried chicken and waffle
    Deep fried baked potato
    Fried chocolate candy-coated bacon
    Deep fried red velvet cupcake
    Pulled pork sliders
    Cup of Trash
    Deep Fried Samoas

    ……Did I mention fried food?

  • leo

    Corny Dogs! If I go to the fair again this year I’m not going to waste precious stomach space on anything else.

  • kelly o.

    the fried foods abd people watching!

  • Bethany

    I loved seeing my 1.5 year old son’s face when he rode his first ride ever. I would love to do it again, so please pick me!

  • joe

    my favorite thing would be if you gave the passes to amy anderson who typed that she had never been.

  • Steven

    Deep Fried Nutter Butter cookies. I find most of the deep-friend items to be kind of terrible or, at best, nothing more than X + fry, with no real marriage of flavor. The Deep Fried Nutter Butter cookies are different. The batter binds with the cookie, which just yields to the bite without being soft or spongy, and peanut butter flavor intensifies 10 fold. Simply life-changing.

  • Shelbyg75

    Fletcher’s corn dogs for sure 🙂

  • Elise

    The fair makes me feel like a kid again because it brings back so many good memories. I love going with my parents still and hearing all of the stories of when they went as kids and young adults and about when they brought us as children.

  • GoParishPanthers2015

    Fletcher’s Corny Dog and Jack’s Mexican Food-love their green hot sauce. Car show is favorite attraction (besides eating).

  • Ree

    The smells – but in a good way! I mean the aroma of fried foods, mustard, cotton candy. The animal barn. Autumn. It always brings back such happiness.

  • Lindsay

    The petting zoo, the tastes, the sounds and the smells. Yes, even the animal smells.

  • WB

    The petting zoo, the smell of roasted corn and cotton candy, and Boris the Giant Boar.

  • PRL

    The Texas OU Game!

  • jd

    Getting a corny dog before doing ANYTHING else

  • Melissa Grove

    My favorite thing is the free samples at the tasting pavilion. Free is fun. Even standing in line for a thimble of ice cream.

  • Glenn

    The State Fair competitions. Like stepping back into 1955. Makes me want to learn how to quilt, bake or pickle.

  • Pattiey

    Fletcher’s Corny Dog!

  • Amanda

    Cajun fried turkey legs. Hands down the best way to eat a hunk of poultry.

  • Jimmy Rogers

    Sex on bumper cars

  • Anita mims

    My favorite thing the state fair is taking a picture of the big Texas cowboy!!!! You know you been to the state fair or cotton bowl!! The rides, food and looking at the new cars!!!

  • Doris

    Hello! I go there mainly for the fried food! Can’t wait and hopefully I win! Thanks

  • Linda

    I really love the ambiance. Everyone is nice and having fun!

  • Eric

    OMG! The corn dogs are to live for.. Please pick me…

  • Wade

    Sign me up everyday for the food. I like anything fried.

    God bless!