Giveaway: 12 Taco Bueno Gift Cards Worth $10 Each

Proof that 12 cards exist

Somehow the suits up at Taco Bueno headquarters got wind of the fact that Anthony Bourdain has never eaten Taco Bueno before, which he admitted in an interview with us last week. The Bueno guys are being very generous today. I have in my possession 12 cards worth $10 each that you can use on November 5 and 6. Taco Bueno is doing this thing called “Guac the Vote” all day on November 6. Anyone who goes in and says they’ve voted gets free guac and chips. This means if you go to Taco Bueno on November 6 and show them one of these little cards, you can get free lunch and guac and chips. What a deal. Nay, what a steal!

Okay, here’s how to play the game and win one of these 12 cards: Create a TV show starring Anthony Bourdain. In 150 words or less, tell us what you’d have him do. Eat Taco Bueno? Brave the weather in the Arctic? It’s up to you. We’ll pick twelve winners by tomorrow (Tuesday) at the end of the day (5:00 p.m.). Winners can either pick up the gift cards up from our office or have them mailed directly.


  • Karen Habbestad

    I think I’d have Mr. Bourdain taste tacos from all over the DFW area, breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, all flavors, all veges, meats and seafood -fish, prepared by different chefs, different cultures, sauces and flavors (you know, mind travel by taste). Include Taco Bueno, naturally 🙂


    Have Mr Bourdain try to convince Taco Bueno customers to buy his meal for him (like he forgot his wallet) and/or he should surprise customers by simply walking up to the counter and pay for the customer’s meal out of the blue

  • Logan

    I would give Mr. Bourdain his own television show on the Fox News Channel. It would be an hour long segment along the lines of Geraldo Rivera’s, Shep Smith’s, and the likes roles on the station. He would be on location during hurricanes (falling down with hair flapping in the wind), covering police chases that end in televised suicide, and debating politics with extreme left and right-wingers.

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  • Annie

    I would have him try to survive as a hunter/gatherer for a month. The food would be very fresh.

  • Andrew

    I would have him eat Taco Bueno for 30 days straight (a la “SuperSize Me”). While he may be tired of Taco Bueno by the end, at least he would finally understand the deliciousness that is the Mexi Dips & Chips…

  • The show is called “Bour-Deen.” It’s a swapping show starring Anthony Bourdain and Paula Deen. Mr. Bourdain has to either prepare her most scary recipes as they are or improve them on a very tight budget. Ms. Deen is sent to the most exotic and frightening locations covered on No Reservations and must do EXACTLY what he has done while visiting.

  • Stuart

    The show would chronicle Anthony Bourdain’s adventures as a corporate espionage agent hired by Taco Bueno to steal Lorena Garcia’s secrets as she develops Taco Bell’s new Cantina Bowl. The pilot episode, the Bourdain (Taco)Supremacy, would focus on his travels to Miami and Venezuela to infiltrate Lorena’s inner circle.

  • Chuck

    Food vs Man: No Reservations We would search the world for man eating plants and put them in a room with Anthony Bourdain. The plant that eats Anthony first would be declared the winner. Then scientists could clone the plant to be used again and again to further rid the world of………………………………………….