• Sunday Night
    Del Frisco’s Grille. We were in the mood for a good steak, but dressed casually, and wanted something easy. Who knew the place would be so packed on a Sunday? Overall, our filets were cooked and seasoned well, loved the grits, wasn’t crazy about the mac & cheese, and service was spot-on. Solid dinner.

    Tuesday Night
    Nora. We were early diners, so it was definitely quiet, but we had a nice conversation with the owner who made some recommendations for us. We both drank Stella Noras (cucumber, cardamon-infused vodka, agave, Cointreau), and then split the kashk and mantoo to start. I had the lamb qabili palao, which I loved, but my significant other had the chicken korma, and it was just okay. Chicken was a little tough. I’d definitely return to try more dishes though – the drinks were good, service was friendly, and menu was unique.

    Wednesday Night
    Meso Maya. I’d heard good things about this Mayan/Mexican restaurant, and was excited to try it out. In general, I thought the food was solid, but the service was pretty spotty. Drinks would take about 10-15 minutes, and there were times where our waitress was MIA. However, I really liked my Budin Azteca dish (layers of tortillas with tomatilla sauce and cheese) and my beet salad with hearts of palm, pumpkin seeds and cotija cheese. And, as a chips & salsa lover, I’d rank theirs highly. Loved the crispy, non-greasy chips, with the smoky salsa.

    Lunching downtown
    St. Paul’s Cafe (nothing spectacular, but fine for a cheap, fast burger & fries), DMA Atrium (my salad was average, but my friends Brioche BLT with avocado was a winner), NM Cafe (love the hearty turkey chili and greek salad, but a pricey weekday lunch at $21).

  • Hungry Guy

    Tried Hopoddy Burger – it’s an ok burger, but nothing to brag about especially at that price point Angry Dog has nothing to worry about! They made a big deal about the fries and charge a premium – there’s nothing special at all about them. The biggest turnoff was the whole seating and ordering system – way over complicated. Can’t I just place my order and eat….

  • twinwillow

    Another great lunch sitting at the bar of Pappadeaux on Oak Lawn. Trying to watch my weight, I only had the small (sized for two) Greek Salad with big pieces of lump crab. Believe me, it was hard watching all the fried platters pass my eyes on the way to the more deserving.

  • joeat

    TJ’s new on Oak Lawn was very good for a late Saturday lunch. Everything I tried was excellent, fresh and very tasty. Will be a regular Saturday late lunch spot.

  • Justin

    @Two Hot…spot on on the mac and cheese at Del Friscos. You put it very kindly, out table agreed you get a better flavor experience from a box of Kraft. As for Meso Maya…SAME service issue. I think our waitress got her nails and hair did before brining out our entrees, which were good to very good despite the fascinating vanishing act. TWICE got up to pay a friendly visit to the hostess stand in the name of dehydration prevention. It’s broken, so fix it, Senior Maya.

    We LOVED Hopdoddy this past week, and while very few things are worth waiting in a line around the building, the flavor combinations of our Primetime, Shroom, and Greek burgers were outstanding. (We arrived in the nick of time!) The drinks are also creative, quality, and fantastic. Welcome to Dallas!

    Finally, Velvet Taco continued to uphold it’s commitment to creative, delicious ingredients packed into four bucks. Paneer and egg/flank steak created a little excitment at our wobbly outside table.

  • twinwillow

    @ joeat: I bought some really great Bay of Fundy Atlantic salmon at TJ’s last week. I also got a tub of their Cucumber Dill Sauce which I dolloped on the salmon after a quick saute. The sauce really “kicked it up a notch” !