• Gipson

    Didn’t eat out all week. Smoked a massive pork shoulder last Saturday, and the wife and I ate on it most all week.

    Sat: Pulled pork dinner with spicy vinegar BBQ sauce; coleslaw with yogurt-apple cider dressing
    Sun: Bahn mi sandwiches with pulled pork, sambal mayo and house-pickled carrots and jalapenos
    Tue: Pulled pork “Benedict” with from scratch cheddar biscuits, sunny side egg and spicy honey; braised kale
    Wed: Chinese noodle stir-fry with pulled pork, shitakes, cabbage and green onion; sesame wonton chips

  • Gipson

    Er….that censored ingredient is a type of mushroom.

  • twinwillow

    My son and I ate at Jeng Chi Wednesday night and loved it! We started with scallion panckes and then shared the baby clam soup for starters.
    Then we enjoyed twice cooked pork (best, anywhere) and crispy duck done, “homestyle”. The large duck pieces are first deep fried and then finished in a wok with sauce and some veggies. All was delicious and served by very “correct” and emotionless robot like servers. Totally unlike their warm and friendly owners. I’m still thinking about how good all the food was.

  • Dear Malai Kitchen c/o Owners –

    I’ve never walked in a restaurant, (and being a regular there) made eye contact with the owner and was NEVER greeted or even acknowledged… then to see HER greet others. She had plenty of opportunity to do so. I’ve always treated everyone there with respect. There would be NO reason for her to do that. This has happened many times…trying to give Her the benefit of doubt. I was shocked and deeply disappointed that someone especially in the service industry dealing with customers would treat ANYONE that way.

    No longer a Customer

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