El Padrino, the Last Taco Stand in Bishop Arts, is Closing November 1

The last taco stand in Bishop Arts (photo by Carol Shih)

The recent happy news concerning two restaurants moving in to Oak Cliff is still a painful reminder that El Padrino is closing on November 1.

When Lombardi Family Concepts signed the lease for the old Oak Cliff Mercantile building, this lease also included its takeover of the small taco kiosk known as El Padrino. Both Rob (Go Oak Cliff) and Bradford Pearson (Oak Cliff People) reported yesterday that these two new restaurants – the OC Mercantile and Dog House (hot dogs and frozen custard) – are moving into the old OC Mercantile space. A PR spokeswoman for the Lombardi group still doesn’t know what’s going to happen to the taco stand, but hopefully this means the Lombardis aren’t going to bulldoze the little kiosk. That would be sad.

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Last month or so, my fellow El Padrino fan, Andrew Plock, and I said goodbye to El Padrino by consuming a few final breakfast tacos. We both agreed it wasn’t the tacos that we’d miss, but the El Padrino ladies who’ve served tacos in that Oak Cliff spot for years.

Starting Nov 1, El Padrino will be no more. When I last spoke to the taco stand’s manager, Juan Contreras, he was hopeful about staying in Oak Cliff. “We hope to stay in the Bishop Arts; we were one of the original establishments before Bishop Arts became what it is now, and we’d like to be part of it as long as we can.”

*Yes, yes, I know that El Si Hay is right across the street, but I don’t consider it part of Bishop Arts. Feel free to present your arguments in the comments section.

Tacos from El Padrino