Don’t Eat This Now: Deep Fried Girl Scout Cookies at the State Fair

Deep fried samoas with chocolate and caramel drizzle (photo by Desiree Espada)

Dear deep fried Samoas, I can’t tell you how disappointed I am. Those 10 coupons I spent on you are 10 coupons I’ll never get back. I could’ve gone on the scary haunted house ride twice with 10 coupons! Instead, I wasted them on four of you. Why? Because I love Girl Scout Cookies. Whenever I have in my possession a purple box of Samoas, I treat those chocolatey soft cookies as tenderly as if they were my own daughters. Naturally, when I went to the State Fair, I was curious to see your new uniform.

Everything changes when you’re deep fried, though. You lose your gooey, chewy appeal. That fried potato chip-like encasing takes all the fun out of eating Samoas. Yes, you’re drizzled with chocolate and caramel sauce. Yes, you have the toasted coconut flakes sprinkled on top. But, admit it, you don’t look like a Samoa anymore. You’re missing your wheel appeal. I can’t eat you like this – not when you’re stuck in a weird crispy fried thing that looks like it has pimples popping all over it.

Please, do me a favor and lose the deep fried part of you. It gets in the way of your sweetness. Samoas, I love you just the way you are.

A perfectly good Samoa trapped inside a deep fried casing



  • Melissa

    I tried these and loved them. Fried s’mores still the best though.

  • Rebecca

    Ok – the fried samoas are the best fried item at the fair! I’m going back for seconds when I return for the UT/OU game. You are crazy!

  • Linda

    The Fried Samoas are SO GOOD! MMMMM I’m going back to the fair this weekend and getting more!

  • Sounds like you got a bad batch girlfriend – give it another shot!

  • Jamie

    Agree with the commenters! They were awesome.

  • Really? I am surprised everyone likes them.

  • Daniel

    Dear Carol – Why would you want to waste tickets on a stupid ride….I will agree with you that the original Samoas are great, but the fried is a good alternative option. They have just the right amount of flavor and sweetness. My daughter is a 10 year old Girl Scout and she and her friends are raving about them. Check your taste buds…because you are missing out!

  • Those samoas were easily the most disgusting thing I ate at the State Fair. Shocked to see so many people loved them.

  • @Daniel: Stupid ride? The haunted house ride is awesome. I’d say the rides in general are at least 57% of the fun, as a baseline, and then the scale of fun to ten varies according to factors and choices outside the fair’s control. Ex: number of corny dogs consumed, how susceptible you are to whiplash, whether or not you managed to devirginize the pineapple piña coladas.

  • Erin Ahlfinger

    I hated the fried Oreo’s the when I first had them at the fair. Now they’re on every menu in town. It’s not that they’re bad, it’s just that it’s not what you are used to out of them. I like my to either be crispy, or soggy and cool because I have dunked them in milk. A soggy, warm Oreo was just gross at first. I haven’t had the fried Samoas yet, but I can see why they might be offensive.

  • Anthony

    Completely agree with Carol. The fried Samoas were really terrible. The loss of chewy goodness was part of it, but they were also way too sweet. Samoas are pretty sweet anyway, but add the sauces on top, and it’s all just too much. I think the more simple items work better for the fried versions (I’m mainly thinking about the Oreos, which I loved).

  • Paul David Taylor

    I couldn’t disagree with you more. I tried all the fried frivalities and the Fried Samoas were the best executed thing I had all day! It wasn’t overkill with the fried aspect. It worked. You received a good portion better than the 1 fried Jambalaya ball. The fried bacon cinnamon roll hooplah was totally undeserved. Maybe you had a bad batch?? Using your logic of ruining one of your favorites- now I am not supposed to not like red velvet cupcakes because the fair ones fried were awful??? It is a change. Get over your tragic 10 coupon loss- Goldilocks! Not everyone likes the same things you like.

  • Mess

    He called you “Goldilocks”! Hahaha

  • Belly

    The Fried Somoas are awesome!! Maybe Carol just got a bad one out of the bunch, but adding more chocolate and caramel and frying what is already arguably the greatest cookie ever made…just makes the dish AWESOME! 10 tickets are well worth it for this Nunny (Nunny: something that is delicious)!!!

  • Susan

    Deep fried oreos were delicious! Not too much batter and grease. Chocolate covered bacon – disgusting.

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