Bits & Bites: Things to Do and Chew in Dallas This Weekend, October 12-14

Look at those Kobayashi abs. (

Did you know that bottled water doesn’t contain fluoride, whereas tap water does? I just learned this from my dentist today. Also, snacking is apparently not good for my teeth. This news is depressing. I tend to snack all the time. Right now, for instance, I’m resisting an urge to munch on cereal.

Tear drop. Anyways, here are the events for your weekend fun:


In four hours, I’m going to watch Takeru Kobayashi gorge on hot dogs at the State Fair’s Chevrolet Main Stage (4 p.m.). I don’t know about you, but this is pretty exciting to me. It’s actually how I plan to have a healthy time at the State Fair today: Watch Kobayashi eat a million hot dogs, feel sick, and avoid all fried foods due to stomach churning.


Our lovely Raya Ramsey compiled a list of all the places to watch the Texas/O.U. game this weekend. It looks like Draft Picks has the most TV screens, and Urban Taco has some great deals on drinks.

Carrollton is weird. It has a road called Random. (Liz pointed this out to me the other day.) I don’t know if the road-namers were lazy or what, but I guess it doesn’t really matter. An Armenia Fest is taking place in St. Sarkis Church on Random Rd. It’s running from Friday through Sunday at various times. The food will probably be amazing and made by cute church ladies. Cute church ladies are always a plus.


Le Tour de Farms is happening at 1 p.m., hosted by Eden’s Garden CSA Farm. If you still want to purchase tickets to ride your bike on a tour of Dallas farms, there might be some left. (Maybe.) If not, just buy a dinner ticket for a gonna-be-killer meal prepared by chefs Mark Wootton, Chad Houser, and Graham Dodds.

One Arts Plaza is having its Fall Block Party from 12 to 4 p.m. The Plaza will be closed off to pedestrians, and people can enjoy dishes from Tei-An, Fedora, Jorge’s, and the new restaurant in The Commissary’s old space, The Greek – Pita, Meze, Wine. (The Greek doesn’t officially open until next week, so guests will be getting a preview session.) There’s a cocktail competition at 1 p.m, and the event is free and completely open to the public.